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  1. Matilda Meaning | Best 6 Definitions of Matilda › matilda

    What does matilda mean? A feminine name: dim. Mattie, Matty, Maud, Tilda, Tilly. (noun)

  2. 32 Matilda of England b.1102 ideas | plantagenet, house of ... › tamrosa › matilda-of-england-b1102

    Matilda of Habsburg or Melchilde (1253–1304) was the eldest daughter of Rudolph I of Germany and Gertrude of Hohenburg (Hohenzollern). Married 1273 in Aachen to Louis II, Duke of Bavaria and became mother of Rudolf I, Count Palatine of the Rhine and Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor.

  3. Sisi: The Colorful Life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria › 2016 › 09

    Sep 13, 2016 · Empress Elizabeth of Austria was a woman ahead of her time. She had the guts to shun the strict protocol of the Habsburg court and Sisi lived a life on her own rules. She served as Austria-Hungary’s longest-reigning consort, a position she held for 44 years. At a time when individualism was out of question, Sisi, a free-spirit, was its ...

  4. Kingdom of Italy (Holy Roman Empire) - Wikipedia › wiki › Reichsitalien

    In 1805, while the Holy Roman Empire was still in existence, Napoleon, by now Emperor Napoleon I, claimed the crown of the new Kingdom of Italy for himself, putting the Iron Crown on his head at Milan on 26 May 1805. The Empire itself was abolished the next year on 6 August 1806.

  5. Geoffrey of Anjou, Matilda's second husband and other main supporter, father of future King Henry II and pretty much founder of The House of Plantagenet, and said to have given the Plantagenets their name from the broom-plant he wore on his chest, the Latin name of which was Planta Genista. Like him, Prince Daemon was the father of the future ...

  6. The Patricians: 39 Temple of Walhalla Ancestors › author_blog_posts › 6344226-the

    Charlemagne, King of Franks, 1st Emperor and Augustus of the Holy Roman Empire Birth 2 Apr 0742 in La Chapelle, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France (Aachen, Rhineland) Death 28 Jan 0814 (28 Jan 0813) in La Chapelle, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France (Aachen, Rhineland)

  7. 100+ ideeën over Familie von Habsburg | oostenrijk, kinderen ... › gerdikagenaar › familie-von-habsburg

    Karl von Habsburg (born 11 January 1961), referred to in Austria as Karl Habsburg-Lothringen, in France as Charles de Habsbourg-Lorraine, in the Czech Republic as Karel Habsbursko-Lotrinský, in Hungary as Habsburg Károly, and by his royal name as Archduke Karl of Austria, is an Austrian politician, and the current Head of the House of Habsburg, and the Sovereign (i.e. Grand Master) of the ...

  8. Keeping it in the Family: Marriage, Inheritance, and ... › forum › threads

    Nov 30, 2019 · The Empress Matilda, of course, married Geoffrey V, Count of Anjou, after the death of Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor. Maria of Brabant, empress to Otto IV, remarried to William I, Count of Holland. Constance of Aragon was first queen of Hungary, and then Holy Roman Empress.

  9. Which are the Italy's most powerful emperor in history? - Quora › Which-are-the-Italys-most-powerful

    The Caesars of Rome, as the emperors were called, were a varied lot. The biographies of Tiberius, Caligula, Nero, Commodus and Elagabalus present a bloody and horrific melodrama of absolute rulers who performed wild and wacky capers.

  10. 43 Facts about Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor › 2018 › 07

    Jul 06, 2018 · Here are 43 facts about Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor and the woman who would not be queen. 1. She was the only child of Teackle Wallis Warfield and Alice Montague. 2. She was born Bessie Wallis Warfield, in honor of her father and her mother’s elder sister, Bessie. Her first name, however, was dropped some time during her youth.

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