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    Matilda of Ringelheim, also known as Saint Matilda, was a Saxon noblewoman. Due to her marriage to Henry I in 909, she became the first Ottonian queen. Her eldest son, Otto I, restored the Holy Roman Empire in 962. Mathilde founded several spiritual institutions and women's convents. She was considered to be extremely pious, righteous and charitable. Mathilde’s two hagiographical biographies and The Deeds of the Saxons serve as authoritative sources about her life and work.

  2. Saint Matilda (c. 894/97 – 14 March 968) was Duchess of Saxony from 912 and German queen (Queen of the Franks) from 919 by her marriage with Henry the Fowler, the first king of the Ottonian dynasty.

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    Matilda of Ringelheim. German queen consort and duchess consort of Saxony (895-968) Miniatura amb Matilde i el rei Enric, de la Chronica regia Coloniensis, s. XII. Upload media. Wikipedia. Date of birth. 895. Enger.

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  5. Aug 07, 2020 · Matilda of Ringelheim (892 - March 14, 968) was the wife of Henry I the Fowler, King of the East Franks. Their son, Otto, succeeded his father as Otto I the Great. Matilda was the daughter of Dietrich, a count in Saxony, by his wife Reinhild. She could trace her ancestry to the famed Saxon hero, Widukind.

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    Sep 02, 2020 · (Wiki) Saint Mathilda (or Matilda, c. 895 – 14 March 968) was the wife of King Henry I of Germany, the first ruler of the Saxon Ottonian (or Liudolfing) dynasty, thereby Duchess (consort) of Saxony from 912 and Queen (consort) of Germany (East Francia) from 919 until her husband's death in 936.

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    Saint Matilda of Ringelheim, Queen of East Francia. (36th great grandmother on mom's side)

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    Count Of Ringelheim Theodoric Countess Of RINGELHEIM was born about 853 in Ringelheim, Goslar, * Hannover, Prussia : Alt. Birth 299 He died Unknown . Parents: Count Of Ringelheim Reginhart Count Of VON RINGELHEIM and , Countess Of Ringelheim Matilda VON RINGELHEIM. Spouse: Ludmilla Ragnhildis COUNTESS OF RINGELHEIM.

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