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  1. De la Torre, Carlos, and Sánchez, Jhon Antón. 2012. “ The Afro-Ecuadorian Social Movement Between Empowerment and Co-optation .”. In Black Social Movements in Latin America: From Monocultural Mestizaje to Multiculturalism, edited by Rahier, Jean, 135–50. New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan. Google Scholar.

  2. Afro-American Ethnic Development in Latin America › 2016/02/03 › afro-american-ethnic

    Feb 03, 2016 · Afro-Latino ethno-development was a core topic of deliberation at the congress. Participants established four working groups in the areas of Black Ethnicity and Mestizaje, Philosophy and Affectivity, Social and Political Creativity, and Material and Artistic Creativity (Ratcliff 33).

  3. The Changing Racial and Ethnic Composition of the US ... › pmc › articles

    With the Hispanic population coded as a quasi-racial category, only half a million persons (0.2 percent) in the combined racial and ethnicity classification in Table 2 fail to report an OMB race, and about 5 million persons (1.8 percent) report multiple-race identities (white/black, white/AIAN, and white/Asian are the largest groups).

  4. Hispanic as a racial category. The question concerning whether Hispanics prefer a separate ethnicity question or an Hispanic racial category was asked differently depending on the panel. Hispanic respondents in panels 1 and 2, who had a separate ethnicity question, were asked if they preferred that Hispanic be included in the list of races.

  5. Racial Reorganization and the United States Census 1850-1930 ... › jlhochschild › publications

    Hochschild JL, Powell BM. Racial Reorganization and the United States Census 1850-1930: Mulattoes, Half-Breeds, Mixed Parentage, Hindoos, and the Mexican Race. Studies in American Political Development. 2008;22 (1) :59-96.

  6. After centuries of denial, suppression and marginalization, the contributions of Afro-Hispanics/Latinos to the arts, culture, and the Spanish spoken in the Americas is gradually gaining recognition as Afro-descendants pursue their quest for visibility and space in Spanish America. Hand in hand with this development is the young generation of Afro-Latinos who, are proud to identify with the ...

  7. Casta - Wikipedia › wiki › Casta

    Casta (Spanish: ) is a term which means "lineage" in Spanish and Portuguese and has historically been used as a racial and social identifier.It has been interpreted by certain historians during the 20th century to describe mixed-race individuals in New Spain were resulting from unions of Spaniards (españoles), Amerindians (Indios), and Africans ().

  8. Dec 27, 2007 · Ethnicity: Mexican [Spanish, Indigenous/Mayan, small amount of African] Eva Longoria is an American actress, director, producer, businessperson, and activist. She was the star of the series Desperate Housewives. Her parents, Ella Eva (Mireles) and Enrique Longoria, Jr., are of Mexican descent, with ancestry that traces back to Southern Mexico.

  9. Surprise, There is a Difference Between Black Brains and ... › mt-archives › bad_americans

    May 09, 2008 · This is what happens when you put ethnicity or race above faith. He ought to re-read Galatians 3:27-28. While not ignoring America’s national sin of slavery and “racism” race itself is really an illusion because at the biological level all human beings are the same.

  10. Steph Curry's Beautiful Half Haitian Mother Sonya Steals The ... › steph-currys-beautiful-half

    Sonya is Caucasian, African-American Creole and Haitian ethnic background from both her parent’s side. Sonya is married to Dell Curry, who is a retired American professional basketball player. Sonya and Dell met at Virginia Tech in the 1980s when she was playing team volleyball and leading in aces. The couple exchanged vows in 1988.

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