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  1. Matthew II Csák - Wikipediaák

    Matthew (II) from the kindred Csák (Hungarian: Csák nembeli (II.) Máté; Slovak: Matúš Čák II; Romanian: Matei Csáki al II-lea; c. 1235 – 1283 or 1284) was a powerful Hungarian baron, landowner and military leader, who held several secular positions during the reign of kings Béla IV, Stephen V and Ladislaus IV.

  2. Matthew I Csák - Wikipediaák

    Matthew I Csák was last mentioned by sources on 12 December 1245. As it's written above, he had already died by 1249, according to the king's diploma. In contrast his widow, Margaret, who lived in the 'Rabbits' Island for a long time, claimed in 1276 that she was 51 years old and her husband died 22 years ago, so in 1254.

    • Csák (I) Máté
    • Osl Osl
  3. Matthew III Csák - Wikipediaúš_Čák_III

    At that time, Matthew's brother, Csák died childless and therefore Matthew inherited his possessions. [3] Following the death of King Andrew III, he became the Neapolitan prince's follower, but shortly afterwards, he joined the party that offered the crown to Wenceslaus , the son of King Wenceslaus II of Bohemia. [3]

  4. Peter I Csák - Wikipediaák

    The Csák brothers (Matthew II and Peter) and his allies successfully removed Joachim Gutkeled and Henry Kőszegi from power by the summer of 1274. However the two disgraced lords decided to capture and imprison Ladislaus and the Queen Mother in June 1274.

    • c. 1240
    • Csák (I) Péter
    • 1283 or 1284
    • 1275–1276, 1277, 1278, 1281
  5. Csák (genus) - Wikipediaák_(genus)

    Csák (fl. 1291–1300), bearer of the sword (1293) Unknown daughter, wife of Zdislav Sternberg and mother of Stephen the Bohemian, Lord of Trencsén (1321) Kendertó branch The numbering means within the branch. Nicholas I Matthew I (fl. 1263) Nicholas II (fl. 1315–1336; d. before 1367), died without male descendants Matthew II (fl. 1336)

    • 12 branches, including:, Újlak branch, Trencsén branch
    • Csák (grandson of chieftain Szabolcs?)
  6. Thomas III Hont-Pázmány - Wikipediaázmány

    Thomas Hont-Pázmány allied with the Csák brothers Matthew II and Peter I due to geographical proximity and kinship. Following the Battle of Föveny , when the Csáks and their allies gained influence over the royal council, Thomas served as Judge royal from March to June 1275.

  7. Matei Csák al III-lea - Wikipediaák_al_III-lea

    Înaintea anului 1300 Matei Csák a purtat negocieri cu reprezentanții regelui Carol al II-lea al Neapolelui și l-a asigurat că susține pretenția la tronul Ungariei a nepotului său, Carol, împotriva regelui Andrei al III-lea. Cu toate acestea, în vara anului 1300, Matei a venit la curtea lui Andrei, dar regele, ultimul membru de sex ...

  8. Wikizero - Csák (genus)ák_(genus)

    Demetrius II (fl. 1277–1285; d. before 1287), wildgrave of Bakony (1281); married N Kőszegi Blessed Maurice (d. 20 March 1336), Dominican friar Csák II (d. before 1309), last male descendant

  9. Matthew III Csák

    Matthew (III) Csák; Palatine of Hungary; Reign: 1296–1297 1302–1309: Predecessor: Nicholas I Kőszegi (1st term) Stephen Ákos (2nd term) Successor: Amade Aba & Nicholas I Kőszegi (1st term) James Borsa (2nd term) Native name: Csák (III) Máté: Born: between 1260 and 1265: Died: 18 March 1321: Noble family

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