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  1. Matthew Perry's Addiction Struggle: He Doesn't Remember Three ... › news › matthew-perry-addiction

    After a jet ski accident, Perry became addicted to pills The instant success of the show felt like all Perry had ever wanted. “When it happens, it's kind of like Disneyland for a while,” Perry told...

  2. Friends Star Matthew Perry’s 20-Year Addiction Struggle ... › health › a36489082

    Matthew Perry’s speech sounded slurred in a promo for HBO Max’s Friends reunion. The video prompted concern from fans, but a source has claimed that emergency dental work caused his impediment....

  3. Inside Matthew Perry's longtime struggles with drug addiction › article › matthew-perrys-addiction

    As his addiction escalated, “I was out of control and very unhealthy,” said Perry, who lost around 20 pounds, which became incredibly apparent on the NBC sitcom. “I returned to my original birth...

  4. Matthew Perry On Addiction | I Am Sober › blog › matthew-perry-sober-story

    Matthew Perry On Addiction. Last updated: December 31, 2017. Share: Matthew Perry is one of the most iconic actors of the 90s for his role as Chandler Bing on the NBC sitcom, Friends (1994-2004). The character was always full of quips, self-loathing, and a naïve charm. Yet despite the success of the show, a salary of $1 million an episode, and the light-hearted tone, Perry suffered addiction to alcohol and opiates.

  5. The Tragedy of a Star: Matthew Perry’s Addiction Story ... › the-tragedy-of-a-star

    Matthew Perry’s addiction made him abstain from alcohol and opiates and motivated him to do something for the community. He converted his Malibu mansion into a sober living rehabilitation center. Since then, Perry has become an advocate who frequently speaks up against substance abuse.

  6. Matthew Perry's Drug Addiction And Road To Recovery: 'I Was A ... › entry › matthew-perry-drug

    Matthew Perry revealed to ABC News Wednesday morning that he struggled with depression, alcohol and prescription drug abuse throughout his tenure on the show, which went off the air in 2004, and beyond. Looking back, Perry said he was “a sick guy” and was sent to rehab multiple times as a result.

  7. Matthew Perry recalls drug use during "Friends" - CBS News › news › matthew-perry-recalls-drug

    May 31, 2013 / 1:39 PM / ET Online He may have been on top, career-wise, but Matthew Perry reveals that he hid his drug and alcohol addiction as best he could while filming his hit show "Friends."

  8. Matthew Perry paid pregnant ex to score drugs at height of ... › 2020/12/05 › matthew-perry-paid

    Matthew Perry ’s drug addiction was so bad 10 years ago, his ex-lover claimed he would send her out to score him cocaine, heroin and crack because she was pregnant at the time and “No one’s going...

  9. The tragedy of Matthew Perry: Pornstars, drugs and the ... › the-sad-tragic-life-of-mathew-perry

    Matthew's addiction to Vicodin began with a jet ski accident in 1997. The drug was prescribed to him to make him feel better, and unfortunately for the actor, he felt better than he had ever felt in his "entire life." Matthew has since revealed that he has had a big problem with pills and alcohol.

  10. Matthew Perry's Untold Story: My Life as an Addict | › celebrity › matthew-perrys-untold-story

    But behind the scenes, Perry struggled with a serious alcohol problem. Then, after a 1997 Jet Ski accident, a doctor prescribed him Vicodin and said, “‘Here, take this.’. I did, and I felt ...

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