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    Matthew the Apostle, also known as Saint Matthew and as Levi, was, according to the New Testament, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus.According to Christian tradition, he was also one of the four Evangelists and thus is also known as Matthew the Evangelist.

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  2. Saint Matthew | Facts & History | Britannica

    St. Matthew, also called St. Matthew the Evangelist, St. Matthew the Apostle, or Levi, (flourished 1st century ce, Palestine; Western feast day September 21, Eastern feast day November 16), one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ and the traditional author of the first Synoptic Gospel.

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    Jun 25, 2019 · Considering that Saint Matthew is traditionally believed to have composed the Gospel that bears his name, surprisingly little is known about this important apostle and evangelist. He is mentioned only five times in the New Testament.

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    Matthew, the Evangelist who wrote the Gospel that appears first in the New Testament, was different from the other Apostles. He was not a popular man. Many people felt that he was unworthy to be a chosen as a follower of Jesus. Matthew worked for the Romans as a tax collector. The Romans ruled Palestine and the Jewish people in the time of Jesus.

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    Sep 21, 2005 · Matthew worked for the Romans as a tax collector. No one likes taxes, but anti-tax-collector animosity was especially intense in ancient Israel during the first century of the Christian era. In the Gospels tax collectors (also known as publicans) are frequently mentioned in the same breath as harlots. If tax collectors had a lousy reputation […]

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    Nov 16, 2007 · The Holy Apostle and Evangelist Matthew, was also named Levi (Mark 2:14; Luke 5:27); he was one of the Twelve Apostles (Mark 3:18; Luke 6:45; Acts 1:13), and was brother of the Apostle James Alphaeus (Mark 2:14). He was a publican, or tax-collector for Rome, in a time when the Jews were under the…

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    Several theories have been offered to account for why the toll collector Levi was re-named Matthew in Matthew 9:9 (cf. Mark 2:14; Luke 5:27), but some commentators factor this verse in as evidence for the Matthean authorship of the first canonical Gospel or, at a minimum, for one of its major sources.

  9. At St. Matthew the Evangelist in Houston, TX, we are a family of believers called by God the Father to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Guided by the Holy Spirit in prayer and worship, through the intercession of Mary, we are dedicated to stewardship and care for the needy. We are committed to give witness of His commandments to all nations, of our faith in the Catholic Tradition.

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    Aug 19, 2020 · St. Matthew is represented by a divine man because the Gospel highlights Jesus’ entry into this world, first by presenting His family lineage — “A family record of Jesus Christ, Son of David, son of Abraham” (Mt 1:1) — and His incarnation and birth: “Now this is how the birth of Jesus Christ came about” (Mt 1:18). “This then ...

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