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    Matthias of Arras (c.1290–1352), sometimes spelled as Matthew of Arras (Czech: Matyáš z Arrasu, German: Matthias von Arras, French: Mathieu d'Arras) was a French architect, famed for his work on St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. Matthias was born in Arras, but little else is known about his early life.

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    First was Matthias of Arras, who died in 1352. When elected Holy Roman Emperor in 1355, Charles determined to make Prague the showcase capital of Central Europe and recruited Peter Parler to execute this grand vision.

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    Después de su muerte en 1352, es el joven Peter Parler, quien en 1356, tomó el mando del taller y el lugar de Matías de Arras, llevando la obra con un estilo diferente. Obras. Entre las mejores y más conocidas obras de Matías de Arrás se incluyen las siguientes: Catedral de San Vito; Puente Carlos

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    Matei s-a născut în Arras, dar cam atât se știe despre viața lui. În 1344 el a fost chemat la Praga de la curtea papală din Avignon de către împăratul Carol al IV-lea pentru a conduce lucrările de construcție ale Catedralei Sfântul Vitus.

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    Arras is located in northern France in the Hauts-de-France region. Hauts-de-France is divided into 5 departments: Nord, Pas-de-Calais, Somme, Oise, Aisne. Arras is in the south-east part of the Pas-de-Calais department and forms the Arras district (arrondissement d'Arras in French) in the Artois, a former province of northern France.

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    The Union of Arras (Dutch: Unie van Atrecht, Spanish: Unión de Arrás) was an alliance of a number of provinces in the southern part of the Habsburg Netherlands, who (dissatisfied with the religious policies of the Prince of Orange and the States General of the Netherlands) signed a declaration on 6 January 1579 about their intent to offer a vigorous defense of the Roman Catholic religion ...

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    Matthias of Arras (1290? Arras - 1352 Prague, sometimes spelled as Matthew of Arras, Czech Matyáš z Arrasu) was a French architect, famed for his work on St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. Little is known about his early life.

  9. Arras was the birthplace of: Matthias of Arras (1290?–1352), architect; Antoine de Févin (c.1470–1511 or 1512), composer; Charles de l'Écluse (1526–1609), doctor and pioneering botanist; Philippe Rogier (c. 1561–1596), composer; Maximilien Francois Marie Isidore de Robespierre (1758–1794), French revolutionary leader

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    Harold John Massingham (25 March 1888 – 22 August 1952)[1] was a Harold John Massingham (25 March 1888 – 22 August 1952)[1] was a prolific British writer on ruralism, matters to do with the countryside and agricu…