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    Matthias of Arras (c.1290–1352), sometimes spelled as Matthew of Arras (Czech: Matyáš z Arrasu, German: Matthias von Arras, French: Mathieu d'Arras) was a French architect, famed for his work on St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. Matthias was born in Arras, but little else is known about his early life.

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    First was Matthias of Arras, who died in 1352. When elected Holy Roman Emperor in 1355, Charles determined to make Prague the showcase capital of Central Europe and recruited Peter Parler to execute this grand vision.

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    Arras is located in northern France in the Hauts-de-France region. Hauts-de-France is divided into five departments: Nord, Pas-de-Calais, Somme, Oise, Aisne. Arras is in the south-east part of the Pas-de-Calais department and forms the Arras district (arrondissement d'Arras) in the Artois, a former province of northern France.

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  5. Matthias of Arras, French architect (born 1290) William de Ros, 4th Baron de Ros (born 1325) Basarab I, Prince of Wallachia; Al-Hakim II, Caliph of Cairo; Laurence Minot, English poet (born 1300) Yoshida Kenko, Japanese monk and writer (born 1283

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    Matthias of Arras Arras - 1352 Prague , sometimes spelled as Matthew of Arras , Czech Matyáš z Arrasu ) was a French architect, famed for his work on St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague . Little is known about his early life.

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    By the time of St. Wenceslas jubilee in 1929, the St. Vitus cathedral was finally finished, nearly 600 years after it was begun. Despite the fact that entire western half of Cathedral is a Neo-Gothic addition, much of the design and elements developed by Peter Parler were used in the restoration, giving the Cathedral as a whole a harmonious ...

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    December 23 – Treaty of Arras divides the Burgundian Netherlands between King Louis XI of France and Archduke Maximilian I of Habsburg. Date unknown. Ivan III renounces the Mongol Khanate rule over Russia. Johannes Trithemius becomes a novice, at the abbey of St. Martin at Sponheim, in the Diocese of Mainz.

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    Army enthusiasm and haste would have its immediate drawbacks however. As a result of the involvement of inexperienced army officers ordered to devise a new tank based on the larger 75 hp Holt chassis in a very short period of time, the first French tanks were poorly designed with respect to the need to cross trenches and did not take the sponson-mounting route of the British tanks.

  10. Arras was the birthplace of: Matthias of Arras (1290?–1352), architect; Antoine de Févin (c.1470–1511 or 1512), composer; Charles de l'Écluse (1526–1609), doctor and pioneering botanist; Philippe Rogier (c. 1561–1596), composer; Maximilien Francois Marie Isidore de Robespierre (1758–1794), French revolutionary leader

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