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  1. Chilean Mauser .308 Model 1895 safe to shoot? | The High Road

    i just bought a Chilean Mauser .308 (7.62x51) Model 1895 its made in berlin germany i think the original caliber was 7x57mm is it safe to shoot? with what ammo? i have fn 7.62x51 ammo on belt in cans and some federal .308 ammo for my g3 clone i might buy low recoil .308 ammo for it

  2. Shooting the 1895 Chilean Mauser - YouTube

    1895 Chilean Mauser cycling 1971 Chilean 7X57 surplus.....needless to say, it loved this ammo. Accurate gun, moderate recoil, and smooth as silk of course.

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  3. Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895, Loewe Mfg. | The High Road

    The 1895 Chilean Mausers are not unique and not necessarily a collectible item. They are however fun to shoot and have a rich history. they were made in Berlin at the Mauser factory and used by several countries including, Mexico, Argentina, and Iran. As far as value, you can still pick them up for about $200-300 depending on the shape they are in.

  4. 1895 Chilean Mauser - YouTube

    Mauser Chileno Modelo 1895 Fusil de Infanteria Chilean Mauser Model 1895 Infantry Rifle

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  5. Loewe ~ 1895 Chilean Mauser ~ 7x57mm Mauser

    Loewe ~ 1895 Chilean Mauser ~ 7x57mm Mauser Description: Ludwig Loewe and his company's 1895 Mauser was used by Chilean forces in the arms race against Argentina back in 1896. A formidable and well-made rifle, the 1895 Mauser saw service for many decades in Chile.

  6. Inherited a 1895 Chilean Mauser: What do I shoot In It ...

    If it is really a Chilean Mauser, it should fire 7x57mm. You really should have a gunsmith check the headspace, but if it is sound, you can fire factory ammunition. Personally I'd try the Federal 175 gr Round Nose or S&B 173 gr first since those are closest to the original military load, but the 139 - 145 grs are more popular it seems.

  7. How can you tell if a Chilean 1895 Mauser rifle was made pre ...

    Apr 07, 2012 · The date is usually stamped on the front receiver ring along with the crest. All Chilean contract by Ludwig Lowe are pre-98 and all Chilean contract DWM's with an "A" through "K" prefix are pre-98. I hope this helps you, Tom

  8. 1895 Chilean Mauser? | The High Road

    I have a sporterized 1895 Chilean Mauser (7x57) that appears to be in good shape. A couple gunsmiths have looked at it, to evaluate for mounting a scope, and said it looked to be in good usable condition.

  9. DWM 1895 Chilean Mauser 7x57 This is a DWM 1895 Chilean Mauser chambered in 7x57 Mauser. The Mauser Model 1895 is a bolt operated magazine fed rifle using the 7×57mm Mauser cartridge.The Internal Magazine hold...

  10. chileno model 1895 mauser | The Firearms Forum

    Jul 10, 2006 · I did a search on "mauser chileno modelo 1895" and have read several forum postings from numerous sites. I have become more confused after reading some of them. The rifle is stamped with a crest on the upper receiver and has "manufactura loewe berlin" under the mauser portion on the left side of the receiver. The ser # is B6823.

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