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    This language was distinct from the languages of the Apalachee, Timucua, Mayaca, and Ais people in central and northern Florida. Julian Granberry has suggested that the Calusa language was related to the Tunica language of the lower Mississippi River Valley. Vocabulary. A few vocabulary examples from Granberry's work are listed below:

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    Early Miami people are considered to belong to the Fischer Tradition of Mississippian culture. Mississippian societies were characterized by maize-based agriculture, chiefdom-level social organization, extensive regional trade networks, hierarchical settlement patterns, and other factors. The historical Miami engaged in hunting, as did other ...

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    Miami è situata sulla costa dello Stato della Florida. La sua area urbana si estende approssimativamente fino al fiume Little River a nord, si estende oltre il Miami River a sud, si affaccia sulla baia di Biscayne ad est e confina con le Everglades ad ovest. Miami è una delle meno estese tra le principali città degli Stati Uniti.

  4. Miami – miasto na wybrzeżu Oceanu Atlantyckiego, w południowo-wschodniej Florydzie, w Stanach Zjednoczonych. Siedziba hrabstwa Miami-Dade. Samo miasto administracyjne zamieszkiwane jest przez 467 963 osoby, zespół miejski liczy 6 212 000 mieszkańców, natomiast statystyczny obszar metropolitalny Miami liczy 6 138 333 mieszkańców.

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