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  1. The five queens who ascended the Mayan thrones in this way included Lady Six Sky of Naranjo, Lady of Tikal, Lady Eveningstar of Yaxchilan, Lady Yohl Iknal and Palenque’s Muwaan Mat. Lady Tikal Lady Tikal because the queen of the famous Mayan city of Tikal during the second decade of the 6th century.

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    The Maya kings also offered their own blood to the gods. The rulers were also expected to have a good mind to solve problems that the city might be facing, including war and food crises. Maya kings were expected to ensure the gods received the prayers, praise and attention they deserved and to reinforce their divine lineage.

  3. May 01, 2020 · Mayan Queens 1: Betzaida Marisol Cahuoc López and Neydi Francisca Daniela Ac Rax - Rimam Ajau Betzaida Marisol Cahuoc López, indigenous queen of San Miguel Chicaj. Neydi Francisca Daniela Ac Rax -...

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  5. Apr 04, 2020 · DEA / C. NOVARA/De Agostini/Getty Images Names of Mayan kings include K’inich Popol Hol, K’ak’ Joplaj Chan K’awiil, Kalak’mul, Tajoom Uk’ab’ K’ak’, Wamaw K’awiil, K’inich B’aaknal Chaak, K’inich Ich’aak Chapat, Muwaan Mat, K’inich Kan B’alam II and K’inich Janaab’ Pakal II.

  6. Among the high-ranking women in ancient Maya society during the Classic Period were several who rose to the position of ruling queen. Some acceded to the throne in their own right due to the lack of a male heir. Others served as regent until their sons were old enough to rule.

  7. Most of the monumental architecture built by the Mayans was ordered by the Mayan rulers. When a new dynasty rose to power, it typically legitimised its ascent to throne by having a large pyramid-temple built in the city. Each Mayan city -state had a ruler of its own who had the traditional privileges of a King or an Emperor. Mayan Religious Leaders

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