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  1. Mayor - Wikipedia

    The mayor is the municipal head of government, the maximum civil authority at the municipal level, in most United States municipalities (such as cities, townships, etc.). In the United States, there are several distinct types of mayors, depending on whether the system of local government is council-manager government or mayor-council government.

  2. Mayor of Boston - Wikipedia

    The mayor of Boston is the head of the municipal government in Boston, Massachusetts.Boston has a mayor-council system of government.Boston's mayoral elections are non-partisan (as are all municipal elections in Boston), and elect a mayor to a four-year term; there are no term limits.

  3. List of mayors of the 50 largest cities in the United States ...

    This is a list of mayors of the 50 largest cities in the United States, are ordered the United States Census Bureau's by estimated populations as of as of July 1, 2017. ...

  4. Mayor of Los Angeles - Wikipedia

    Duties and powers. Los Angeles has a strong mayor–council form of government, giving the mayor the position of chief executive of the city. The mayor is given the authority to appoint general managers and commissioners, remove officials from city posts, and is required to propose a budget each year.

    • Four years, (renewable once)
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  5. List of mayors of Birmingham, Alabama - Wikipedia,_Alabama

    This is a list of mayors, or persons holding the equivalent office, of Birmingham, Alabama. The office of mayor was established with the incorporation of Birmingham in 1871. Robert Henley was appointed by Governor , Robert B. Lindsay to a two-year term.

  6. List of mayors of Lafayette, Louisiana - Wikipedia

    This amended city charter remained in place until 1914, when the citizens of Lafayette voted in favor of discarding the mayor-council government to be replaced by a city commission, the first of three members, the Commissioner of Public Safety, would serve as an ex-officio mayor. List

  7. Mayor of San Diego - Wikipedia

    The mayor of the City of San Diego is the official head and chief executive officer of the U.S. city of San Diego, California. The mayor has the duty to enforce and execute the laws enacted by the San Diego City Council, the legislative branch. The mayor serves a four-year term and is limited to two successive terms.

  8. List of mayors of Cleveland - Wikipedia

    In 1924, the mayor-council (strong mayor) form of government was replaced by a city manager plan. This was reversed in 1931. This was reversed in 1931. Cleveland elections were partisan , but were made nonpartisan in 1977 under the mayoral administration of Ralph J. Perk .

  9. List of municipalities in Florida - Wikipedia

    The largest cities in Florida (population over 200,000) utilize the strong mayor–council form of government. The mayor typically appoints a chief administrative officer who performs the same function as a city manager [11] which is utilized by 70% of Florida's municipalities, whose mayors are primarily symbolic and ceremonial.

  10. List of municipalities in Massachusetts - Wikipedia

    List of cities by official name. The following tabular list shows the 57 government divisions of the Commonwealth which have been officially granted the right to use the city form of government along with the official name in use by each municipality.

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