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  1. 9.2: Understanding the Philosophy of Existentialism - Social ... › Bookshelves › Psychology

    Placing Existential Psychology in Context: Height Psychology Goes Deeper Than Depth Psychology. The two theorists highlighted in this chapter were truly extraordinary individuals. Both Viktor Frankl (who coined the term “height psychology”) and Rollo May were well immersed in existential thought and its application to psychology when they ...

  2. Existential Psychology - BrainMass › psychology › existential-psychology

    Mar 04, 2021 · Existential Psychology. Six ontological principles: 1. Every person is centered in self and lives life through the meaning he or she places on that center. 2. Every person is responsible for mobilizing the courage to protect the self, to affirm it, and to enhance its continued existence. 3.

  3. 9.4: Rollo May and Existential Psychology - Social Sci LibreTexts › Bookshelves › Psychology

    Aug 16, 2020 · He gave a series of radio talks on existential psychology on a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation show, he served as a visiting professor at Harvard and Princeton, and he continued writing. His later books include works on dreams, symbolism, religion, and love. He eventually settled in California, where he died in 1994.

  4. Humanistic And Existential Personality Theories | Academia ... › humanistic-and-existential

    Existential personality theory speaks to human behavior as a search for the meaning of life. Struggle stems from inability to find that meaning, such as when individuals feel isolated and alone. Interventions support choices and actions to create personal meaning or recognizing external roadblocks and how to remove them.

  5. MEANING AND MEANINGLESSNESS 1 Positive and Existential Psychological Approaches to the Experience of Meaning in Life Jinhyung Kim, Elizabeth Seto, William E. Davis, & Joshua A. Hicks MEANING AND MEANINGLESSNESS 2 For more than a century, theorists have argued that the experience of meaning lies at the heart of human existence.

  6. "The Role of the Concept of Death in Existential Psychology ... › theses › 2124

    The meaning and importance of death in existential psychology are investigated. Four major theorists are presented, i.e. Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Rank, and Binswanger Their interpretation of death in man's personal development, although with different perspectives, nevertheless is seen as having a basic common theme: It is necessary for the person to free himself from the chains of conformity ...

  7. How Do People Judge Meaning in Goal-Directed Behaviors: The ... › wp-content

    Existential theorists have long noted the need human beings have to find meaning in their lives (e.g., Frankl, 1969; Yalom, 1980). Empirical interest in the means by which people imbue their lives with meaning has grown in recent years with researchers identifying numerous antecedents of meaning

  8. Pros & Cons of Existential Counseling | Synonym › pros-cons-of-existential

    Oct 25, 2017 · Existential counseling is an approach based on existential psychology. Theorists such as Rollo May, James Bugental, Viktor Frankl and Irvin Yalom have contributed to modern psychological existential theory, which centers on how the individual lives in his environment and how he can best lead an "authentic" life.

  9. Phenomenological Personality Theories - IResearchNet › counseling-psychology

    A more European version of phenomenological theory, referred to as existentialism, also studies human experience and subjectivity, but the experiences upon which it focuses are loneliness, isolation, and death. Existential theorists believe that such ultimate concerns can be sources of a deeper personal meaning.

  10. May 03, 2013 · These theorists shared a common understanding of how meaning frameworks are acquired, along with the ways that people commonly respond to violations of these meaning frameworks. Our own perspective, the meaning maintenance model, draws from existentialist theory and current theoretical perspectives in experimental psychology.

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