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    Nihilism (/ ˈ n aɪ (h) ɪ l ɪ z əm, ˈ n iː-/; from Latin nihil 'nothing') is a philosophy, or family of views within philosophy, that rejects generally accepted or fundamental aspects of human existence, such as objective truth, knowledge, morality, values, or meaning.

  2. Psychoanalysis (from Greek: ψυχή, psykhḗ, 'soul' + ἀνάλυσις, análysis, 'investigate') is a set of theories and therapeutic techniques that deal in part with the unconscious mind, and which together form a method of treatment for mental disorders.

  3. Cultural psychology is often confused with cross-cultural psychology; however, it is distinct in that cross-cultural psychologists generally use culture as a means of testing the universality of psychological processes, rather than determining how local cultural practices shape psychological processes. So while a cross-cultural psychologist ...

  4. Sep 01, 2022 · Gestalt theory has played a role in other areas of psychology that seek to better understand the brain and social behavior. Many of the central concepts of Gestalt psychology are difficult to define. Despite criticisms, Gestalt psychology has had a major impact on the field of psychology.

  5. Apr 08, 2021 · Hayes, S. C. (2004). Acceptance and commitment therapy, relational frame theory, and the third wave of behavioral and cognitive therapies. Behavior Therapy, 35(4), 639-665. Hayes, S. C. (2005). Get out of your mind and into your life: The new acceptance and commitment therapy. New Harbinger Publications.

  6. Suicidal behavior is a major problem worldwide and at the same time has received relatively little empirical attention. This relative lack of empirical attention may be due in part to a relative absence of theory development regarding suicidal behavior. The current paper presents the Interpersonal Theory of Suicidal Behavior.

  7. Bedmates wield an enormous amount of influence over our rest, from the quality to the duration, and are yet another factor proving that sleep patterns are as much cultural as they are biological.. Environmental psychology or Space psychology is, in fact, the interaction between people and the spaces they inhabit. Lighting, colors, configuration ...

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