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  1. Several key theorists have been considered to have prepared the ground for Humanistic Psychology. These theorists are Otto Rank, Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers and Rollo May. This sections provides a short-handed summary of what each individual's contributions for the theory.

  2. Honneth is known for his works, Pathology of Reason and The Legacy of Critical Theory, in which he attempts to explain the purpose of Critical Theory in a modern context. Jaeggi focuses on both the original intent of critical theory and a more modern understanding that some argue has created a new foundation for modern usage of critical theory.

  3. Philosophy of Language. Those who use the term “philosophy of language” typically use it to refer to work within the field of Anglo-American analytical philosophy and its roots in German and Austrian philosophy of the early twentieth century. Many philosophers outside this tradition have views on the nature and use of language, and the ...