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  1. MEE6 is the best Discord bot to bootstrap and grow your Discord server. Add to Discord. Is mee6 a good bot? MEE6 fully supports this. MEE6's moderation features supports kick, ban, mute, and temporary mute commands. However, one of the main reasons people love this bot is because of its automated moderation system.

  2. MEE6 is a great and well known bot who works with people and their servers. Mee6 is a simple monitoring system. Inspired by Ansible's simplicity, it is distributed as a jar file that only needs the JVM to be run, and it reads a simple yaml file where the checks, hosts and emails to notify are...

  3. Jun 19, 2018 · Developer Spotlight: Cookie. Meet the Head Developer of MEE6: Anis, also known as Cookie. Over a year ago, his life completely turned around when his fun little bot grew to be a new full-time job.

  4. How to set up your custom bot on MEE6

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  5. Sep 11, 2020 · The MEE6 bot can be used to automatically scan the chat on your Discord server for rule violations such as foul language, spam, spoilers, and outside links. You can configure the MEE6 bot commands to either mute, kick, or permanently ban a user after they commit a certain number of infractions over a given period of time.

  6. Mee6’s exp feature relies on messages so you can level up. Every time you say something you get a little exp. Try to have a conversation with someone in the server Mee6 is in! 1. level 1. Liggliluff. · 3y. You gain 15-25 XP for each message that is 60 seconds after your last message you got XP from.

  7. this video sucks

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