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    • Megamind (Character)

      • MegaMind, incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy, Daddy (himself)
      • Sir (Minion)
      • Bernard, Space Dad (Alter ego/Disguise)
      • Intellectual Dweeb, Little Blue Twerp (Hal Stewart)
      • Little buddy (Metro Man)
      • Defender of Metro City (Metro City citizens)
      • Nerdy Supervillan (Roxanne) (Character) 1 MegaMind, incredibly handsome criminal genius,City (Metro City citizens) 7 Nerdy Supervillan (Roxanne)
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  2. Bernard | Megamind Wiki | Fandom
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    While avoiding Roxanne Ritchi, Megamind ran into Bernard, who mistook Megamind for someone dressed as him and proceeded to insult his "costume", calling it "tasteless" and claiming that Megamind's head wasn't that "grossly exaggerated" and was unimpressed with Megamind's De-Gun, calling it a "cheap replica" until Megamind used it to dehydrate him. After that, Megamind stuffed the dehydrated cube that was Bernard into an inner pocket of the Bernard disguise, unwittingly saving him from the explosion he was about to cause in the museum. Megamind also took his glasses and cellphone and disguised himself as him for the entire time with her. His lookalike, Megamind's Bernard disguise, is seen throughout much of the movie and has Megamind's antics, voice and green eyes to differentiate from the real Bernard. Bernard is not seen again until a post-credits scene of the movie which shows Minion doing the laundry, only for Bernard to pop out of the washing machine, finally rehydrated, claimin...

    Bernard is slightly taller than Roxanne. He has messy, disheveled dark blond hair, brown eyes and wears thin glasses. He seems to be of an average build and has a very slumped over posture.

    Bernard seems to be the kind of guy who is always unimpressed, serious, and monotone. He sounds like he is always bored, rather critical and doesn't seem to be a people-person. This is most prevalent when Roxanna exclaimed, "Bernard, I didn't know you had... FEELINGS...!" when she encountered Megamind, in all his dramatic antics, disguised as Bernard. He believes he is the know-it-all when it comes to Megamind , so much so that when Megamind accidentally ran into his cart in an effort to keep from being discovered by Roxanne, Bernard didn't believe it was him and went into a monologue about how the real Megamind would not look like the one standing right in front of him. Bernard seems to be the type of person who is not easily frightened or intimidated. He seemed unafraid of Megamind when he first encountered him, calling him a guy in a costume, and the fact that Megamind might have been the real deal never once seems to cross his mind. He is also unfazed by Minion at the end of the...

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  3. Bernard | Megamind Wiki | Fandom

    Quotes Edit. "According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee. should be able to fly. its fat little body off the ground. what humans think is ... "Bernard." "I'm not allowed to insult guest directly." "Okay." "That's a pretty tasteless costume ". "Megamind's head is not that grossly ...

  4. Megamind (2010) - Ben Stiller as Bernard - IMDb

    Bernard : [accidentally runs into Megamind with his cart] That's a pretty tasteless costume!

  5. Bernard | Dreamworks Animation Wiki | Fandom

    Bernard (voiced by Ben Stiller) is the emotionless curator of the Metro Man Museum. He wears thin glasses, a brown jacket, a blue turtleneck, and white pants. He is also seemingly based off Bernard from Blackbooks. During a night at the museum, he meets Roxanne who was talking to the Metro Man statue.

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    Megamind was driven by a sense of unfounded destiny and finding his own purpose in life. He was drawn to a life of villainy as it was the only thing throughout his childhood and adulthood that he was good at, being raised by criminals in a prison and the accidental bad deeds he performed while an adolescent helped with this matter. Because of this Megamind is only a villain as he sees it as his purpose and the natural balance rather than megalomania or sadism. He indeed admits that he revels...


    As a baby, Megamind was placed in a pod like Metro Man to be saved from The Black Hole that swallowed his planet. He and Metro Man landed on Earth. He was raised in a prison. The prisoners taught Megamind all about what's right and wrong using Baby Supervillains cards. These cards are similar to the, "Baby Einstein" cards. The prison warden also taught Megamind about right and wrong, but he used the Baby Supervillains CD's, which had the classical music and the basic criminal terms, and the D...


    The film started with Megamind narrating his beginning and is shown falling. Then different scenes appear as Megamind tells the story of his "fairly standard childhood." His parents placed him in an escape pod at the age 8 days old, giving him his Minion and his binky. His father told him, "You are destined for greatness," but he didn't hear the "greatness" part and the escape pod launched, leaving his home planet to be destroyed by a blackhole. Soon, another escape pod left its home planet,...

    Megamind and the Button of Doom

    After being reformed, Megamind sells all of his evil stuff except for the Death Ray and Mega-Megamind, a giant robot with his backup original evil side whom he fights as the robot mistakes him for Metro Man.

    Both Ben Stiller (who previously voiced Alex in the Madagascar franchise) and Robert Downey Jr. were approached for the role of Megamind, but turned it down due to scheduling conflicts. Stiller, ho...

  6. Megamind (Character) | Megamind Wiki | Fandom
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    Megamind Biographical Information Homeworld Unnamed planet, Glaupunk Quadrant Residence Megamind's Lair, Metro City Age Unknown Aliases MegaMind, incredibly handsome criminal genius and master of all villainy, Daddy (himself) Sir (Minion) Bernard, Space Dad (Alter ego/Disguise) Intellectual Dweeb, Little Blue Twerp (Hal Stewart) Little buddy (Metro Man) Defender of Metro City (Metro City citizens) Nerdy Supervillan (Roxanne) Physical Description Gender Male Species Alien Hair color Black (Bald)...

    Megamind (his birth name remains unknown) was born to an unnamed couple in his home planet. Eight days after Megamind's birth, the planet was detroyed by a black hole but he was able to survive thanks to his parents, who packed him in a escape pod with Minion and his binky ...

    Megamind has blue skin with pink accents at his ears, cheeks and lips, a large head, a very slim body, big grass-green eyes and a black goatee. As a baby, he wore a dark blue onepiece with a light blue bolt on it until he grew older and had to wear a neon orange prison jumpsuit like the other inmates. His regular outfit consists on a black skin-tight leather suit with a blue bolt in the chest, black custom baby seal leather boots, black gloves with spikes and a high-collared black cape with spik...

  7. Megamind/Characters | All The Tropes Wiki | Fandom

    Bernard Deadpan Snarker The Snark Knight: His most common portrayal in fanfic. Dull Surprise Jerkass Nerds Are Sexy One-Scene Wonder: Appears in two scenes. One has him acting cold towards Roxanne before being dehydrated by Megamind,... Perpetual Frowner.

  8. Category:Characters | Megamind Wiki | Fandom

    This is a list of all characters that have appeared or have been mentioned in Megamind.

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