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  2. MegaMind Characters | Cast List of Characters From MegaMind › list › megamind-characters

    Oct 13, 2018 · From main characters to minor roles and cameos, these characters are a big part of what made the film so great. The names of the actors and actresses who portrayed each character are included below as well, so use this MegaMind character list to find out who played your favorite role.

  3. Megamind (character) | Dreamworks Animation Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Megamind
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    Megamind was driven by a sense of unfounded destiny and finding his own purpose in life. He was drawn to a life of villainy as it was the only thing throughout his childhood and adulthood that he was good at, being raised by criminals in a prison and the accidental bad deeds he performed while an adolescent helped with this matter. Because of this Megamind is only a villain as he sees it as his purpose and the natural balance rather than megalomania or sadism. He indeed admits that he revels...


    As a baby, Megamind was placed in a pod like Metro Man to be saved from The Black Hole that swallowed his planet. He and Metro Man landed on Earth. He was raised in a prison. The prisoners taught Megamind all about what's right and wrong using Baby Supervillains cards. These cards are similar to the, "Baby Einstein" cards. The prison warden also taught Megamind about right and wrong, but he used the Baby Supervillains CD's, which had the classical music and the basic criminal terms, and the D...


    The film started with Megamind narrating his beginning and is shown falling. Then different scenes appear as Megamind tells the story of his "fairly standard childhood." His parents placed him in an escape pod at the age 8 days old, giving him his Minion and his binky. His father told him, "You are destined for greatness," but he didn't hear the "greatness" part and the escape pod launched, leaving his home planet to be destroyed by a blackhole. Soon, another escape pod left its home planet,...

    Megamind and the Button of Doom

    After being reformed, Megamind sells all of his evil stuff except for the Death Ray and Mega-Megamind, a giant robot with his backup original evil side whom he fights as the robot mistakes him for Metro Man.

    Both Ben Stiller (who previously voiced Alex in the Madagascar franchise) and Robert Downey Jr. were approached for the role of Megamind, but turned it down due to scheduling conflicts. Stiller, ho...

  4. Metro Man | Dreamworks Animation Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Metro_Man
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    After Megamind, Minion, and Metro Man's home planets were pulled into a black hole, they were the only survivors of the two worlds. They were both launched off-planet in rockets, and collided, and Megamind told that was the day his rivalry with \\"Mr. Goodie-Two-Shoes\\" began. Metro Man landed in a house, in which the couple living there adopted him. Megamind crashed in the Metro City Prison and was raised by prisoners.As children, he and Megamind met again in a small school \\"for 'lil gifted kid...

    Metro Man at first appears to be the ideal man. Charismatic, friendly, noble, witty and has a strong sense of justice. However, as shown during childhood that he and the other children treated Megamind badly, Metro Man's actions at this time are what caused Megamind to think all he could be was a villain.During adulthood, he eventually came to the realization of what he had done. Of the pointlessness of constantly fighting Megamind, he was the only reason Megamind fought in the first place.

    1. He, like Megamind, has an origin like that of Superman. He also looks like Superman, and has all his powers. 2. He also looks like Uncle Art the Pizza Man from Meet the Robinsons. 3. He also looks like Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. But unlike Gaston he is good. 4. His Talents are similar to Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Toy Story 2, Toy Story 3, Toy Story Treats, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, and Toy Story 3: The Video Game. 5. Metro Man was going to be Roxanne's love interest but,...

  5. Megamind | Heroes and villians Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Megamind
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    Megamind is a blue skinned man with a huge brain. He also appears with a black suit with a blue thunder sign, black cape, and black boots.

    At first, Megamind enjoyed being a supervillain. But after thinking he finally defeated Metro Man, he realized that without a hero to fight, he had no purpose in life. It wasn't until he started falling in love with Roxanne that he truly became a hero. He also has a habit of mispronouncing words such as "Metrocity", "Shool", "Ollo", "Spee-ider", "Boingo", and anything else.

    The film starts with Megamind narrating his beginning and is shown falling. Then different scenes appear as Megamind tells the story of his "fairly standard childhood." His parents placed him in an escape pod at the age 8 days old, giving him his Minion and his binky. His father told him, "You are destined for greatness," but he didn't hear the "greatness" part and the escape pod launched, leaving his home planet to be destroyed by a black hole. Soon, another escape pod left its home planet, carrying another baby inside. This, as Megamind puts it, is the day Megamind met Metro Man and their "glorious rivalry" was born. Megamind's escape pod nearly landed at a mansion when Metro Man's pod pushed it away and landed inside the mansion. Instead, Megamind's pod crash landed in prison grounds. The prisoners decided to keep Megamind and teach Megamind the differences both "right and wrong". Megamind develops a talent, while he's still a baby, of building destructive gizmos. When the prison...

    He is a spoof of Brainiac and Lex Luthor. However, he resembles Sinestro.
    The DVD commentary of the film note that his costume and showmanship are purposely evocative of Alice Cooper.
  6. Megamind | Fictional Characters Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Megamind

    Megamind is the former villain and anti-hero protagonist of the DreamWorks Animation superhero comedy film of the same name. He is voiced by Will Ferrell. Megamind and Minion were the last of their kind to survive. They flew a spaceship together, where they've met Megamind's superhero nemesis Metro Man. He and Minion flew to Metro City Prison. Megamind went to a schoolhouse along with Metro ...

  7. Megamind | Universal Studios Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Megamind

    Megamind is the main protagonist from Megamind. Formerly: Evil, ruthless, selfish, arrogant, sly, egocentric, hateful, tricky, intelligent Later: Heroic, caring ...

  8. Roxanne Ritchi | Dreamworks Animation Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Roxanne_Ritchi
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    Not much is known about Roxanne's early life except that she used to go bike riding with her mother at the Metro City Park in her youth and that she used to be best friends with a girl named Vida in middle school.

    Roxanne is a very sassy and pretty woman of average height, with big blue eyes and a short pixie-cut brown hair that is parted to the right. Her face is a bit squarish in shape, and she has a smattering of light freckles across her nose and cheeks. She also has a beauty spot a bit under her mouth and to the right. She has an average chest and wide hips, making her body pear shaped in appearance. She wears a white short sleeved button-up shirt, with a black belt, a light grey plad skirt, and b...

    Even though Roxanne is pretty much a normal human and as such doesn't have any superpowers, she does have very good investigating skills because of her job as a reporter, and won't stop until she has all the facts.

    What defines Roxanne is the fact that she is brave. If there is wrongdoing of any kind afoot, she will try to stop it, even when it's clear she's at a disadvantage. She is very strong-minded and she is very determined, so when she decides on doing something, she will do it. However, she isn't reckless, she will call for and accept help if the situation calls for it.Despite being sarcastic at times, she truly believes in the goodness of people. This is why she is nice to everyone, unless they...

    1. Roxanne Ritchi shares a lot of similarities with Princess Fiona: 1. Both the main protagonist (Megamind in Ritchi's case and Shrek in Fiona's case) and the antagonist (Hal Stewart in Ritchi's case and Lord Farquaad in Fiona's case) are in love with them. 2. They have both been rescued by the main protagonist. 3. They originally preferred the antagonist, but ended with the main protagonist when they realized how he felt about them. 4. They both have confronted the main protagonist for thei...

  9. Hal Stewart | Dreamworks Animation Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Hal_Stewart

    Hal Stewart (also known as Tighten) is the main antagonist of Megamind. 1 Background 1.1 Biography 2 Appearance 2.1 Megamind 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Hal Stewart was Roxanne Ritchi's cameraman with an obsessive crush on her. Hal appears to live an unhappy life in a tiny one bedroom apartment with the mindset of an immature college student. His constant misfortune and inability to earn people's ...

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