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  1. activists, journalists, and many others. The Merriam“ Webster pronunciation editors have been collecting these citations from live speech and from radio, television, and shortwave broadcasts since the 1930s. It is primarily on the basis of this large and growing file that questions of usage and acceptability in pronunciation are answered. All of

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  2. Pronunciations and Mispronunciations | Merriam-Webster Est. 1828 Pronunciations (and Mispronunciations) A guide to saying the right things Every Letter Is Silent, Sometimes: A-Z List of Examples How every letter can be (annoyingly) silent Read > Words Commonly Mispronounced 18 words even you might be mispronouncing Read >

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  4. Guide for Language of Origin The citations for languages of origin in this book are a simplification of those given in Webster’s Third New International Dictionary, copyright 2002, Merriam-Webster.

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  5. CDP and its descendant, the Routledge Dictionary of Pronunciation for Current English (Upton & Kretzschmar 2017, hereafter RDP) continue to be key sources for U.S. English, along with American sources such as Merriam-Webster, and the U.S. pronunciations in the pronouncing dictionaries of Wells (2008) and Jones et al. (2011).

  6. Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 9 Jan. 2023. Copy Citation Share Kids Definition pronunciation noun pro· nun· ci· a· tion prə-ˌnən (t)-sē-ˈā-shən : the act or way of pronouncing a word or words More from Merriam-Webster on pronunciation

  7. key 1 of 5 noun (1) ˈkē Synonyms of key 1 a : a usually metal instrument by which the bolt of a lock is turned b : any of various devices having the form or function of such a key a key for winding a clock 2 a : a means of gaining or preventing entrance, possession, or control b : an instrumental or deciding factor the key to her success 3 a

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