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  1. Dictionaries of English before the modern era usually ignored pronunciation variants, instead indicating a single pronunciation by marking the entry word with diacritics to indicate stress and letter values.

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  2. Pronunciation Key YourDictionary provides both written pronunciation guides and audio clips to help you understand how to pronounce unfamiliar words.

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  4. Answer. Yes, the pronunciation symbols used in the print and online versions of Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary are from the International Phonetic Alphabet, commonly known as the IPA. For those of you who aren’t sure what the IPA is, it is a universal system of writing words from any language, in order to show exactly how the ...

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    The following tables show the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and the English pronunciation (enPR) or American Heritage Dictionary (AHD) symbols that are used to represent the various sounds of the English language. The sounds of Received Pronunciation (RP, UK), General American pronunciation (GenAm, US), Canadian English (CanE), Australian E...

    Wikipedia's article on English phonology
    Wikipedia's IPA chart for English dialects (and for conversion to ASCII, the SAMPA chart for English)
    Wikipedia's article on Pronunciation respelling for English
    Gimson, A. C. (1980) An Introduction to the Pronunciation of English, 3rd edn. edition, London: Edward Arnold, →ISBN
    Kenyon, John S.; Thomas A. Knott (1944/1953) A Pronouncing Dictionary of American English, Springfield, Mass.: Merriam-Webster, →ISBN
    Wells, J. C. (2000) Longman Pronunciation Dictionary, 2nd edn. edition, Harlow, Essex: Pearson Education Limited, →ISBN
    IPA chart with AIFFsound files for IPA symbols
    IPA chart with MP3sound files for all IPA symbols on the chart (limited version is available to anyone)
  5. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (abbreviated AHD) uses a phonetic notation based on the Latin alphabet to transcribe the pronunciation of spoken English. It and similar respelling systems, such as those used by the Merriam-Webster and Random House dictionaries, are familiar to US schoolchildren.

  6. Merriam-Webster Mobile App Help. FAQ: Merriam-Webster iPhone and iPad Apps. FAQ: Merriam-Webster Android Apps. A quick information guide to using Merriam-Webster dictionary products, including citation guides, frequently asked questions, app info, and more.

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