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    An example of normative ethical philosophy is the Golden Rule, which states: "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself." [3] [4] Immorality is the active opposition to morality (i.e. opposition to that which is good or right), while amorality is variously defined as an unawareness of, indifference toward, or disbelief ...

  2. Technoethics. Technoethics (TE) is an interdisciplinary research area that draws on theories and methods from multiple knowledge domains (such as communications, social sciences information studies, technology studies, applied ethics, and philosophy) to provide insights on ethical dimensions of technological systems and practices for advancing a technological society.

  3. May 12, 2004 · 1. What is Platonism? Platonism is the view that there exist abstract (that is, non-spatial, non-temporal) objects (see the entry on abstract objects).Because abstract objects are wholly non-spatiotemporal, it follows that they are also entirely non-physical (they do not exist in the physical world and are not made of physical stuff) and non-mental (they are not minds or ideas in minds; they ...

  4. The development of organisms shows an end-state-directedness at various levels of organization. The concept of „self-organization”, arising from the study of physico-chemical processes, has been used for the understanding of the nature and causality of this specific characteristic of organismic development.

  5. ” When it comes to reading, that complex Organisation is the literary conversation. Aar and Großraumlimousine Doren believe that great books - those that Schicht the Versuch of time and consistently stretch the reading abilities of large numbers of people - engage in a conversation with us and, through us, with each other.