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    Metatron appears in Phillip Pullman’s series, His Dark Materials, as one of the main antagonists. Metatron is the name of Tobichii Oragami's angel from Date A Live. Metatron appears in the Netflix series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 4 as a high-ranking angel born under the name Enoch.

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      From Hellenistic times, mention of a second divine figure,...

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      The Babylonian Talmud mentions Metatron by name in three...

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      The tenth century Karaite scholar Jacob Qirqisani believed...

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    Archangel (Title) Metatron: Islam, Judaism: Archangel, seraph The Celestial Scribe Michael: Mikail (Arabic) Christianity, Islam, Judaism, LDS Churches, Yazdânism: Archangel, one of the seraph: The Military, Angel of Mercy (in Islam), General in God’s army. Angel of Death. (in Catholicism) Moroni: LDS Churches

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    Metatron is referred to, inter alia, as both Metatron as well as malik al-nun(archangel of the letter 'n') whereby the first verse of the sixty-eighth chapter of the Koranis said by these occultist-esotericsts to refer to it.

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    The New Testament makes over a hundred references to angels, but uses the word "archangel" only twice, at Thessalonians 4:16 ("For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first", KJV) and Jude 1:9 ("Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body ...

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    The Talmud relates that Elisha ben Abuyah (a rabbi and Jewish religious authority born in Jerusalem sometime before 70 CE), also called Acher (אחר, "other", as he became an apostate), entered Paradise and saw Metatron sitting down (an action that is not done in the presence of God). Elishah ben Abuyah therefore looked to Metatron as a deity and said heretically: "There are indeed two powers in Heaven!"The rabbis explain that Metatron was allowed to sit because of his function as the Heavenly Scribe, writing down the deeds of Israel (Babylonian Talmud, Hagiga 15a). In opposition to this apology, Metatron is identified with the term "lesser YHVH", which is the Lesser Tetragrammaton, in a Talmudic version as cited by the Karaite scholar Kirkisani. The word Metatron is numerically equivalent to El Shaddai (God) in Hebrew gematria; therefore, he is said to have a "Name like his Master". However, Kirkisani may have misrepresented the Talmud in order to embarrass his Rabbanite opponents wi...

    There are numerous possible etymologies for the name Metatron. However, some scholars such as Philip Alexander believe that if the name Metatron originated in Hekhalot-Merkabah texts (such as 3 Enoch), then it may be a made-up word like the magic words Adiriron and Dapdapiron. Hugo Odeberg, Adolf Jellinek and Marcus Jastrow suggest the name may originate from either Mattara (מטרא) "keeper of the watch" or the verb MMTR (ממטר) "to guard, to protect". An early derivation of this can be seen in Shimmusha Rabbah, where Enoch is clothed in light and is the guardian of the souls ascending to heaven. Odeberg also suggests that the name Metatron might be taken from the Persian name Mithras.He lays out a number of parallels between Mithras and Metatron based on their positions in heaven and duties. Metatron seems to be made up of two Greek words, after and throne, μετὰ θρóνος (meta thronos), taken together as "one who serves behind the throne" or "one who occupies the throne next to the thro...

    G. G. Stroumsa, "Form(s) of God: Some Notes on Metatron and Christ", Harvard Theological Review76 (1983), 269–288
    Excerpts about Metatron from books by Andrei A. Orlov:
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    He is well known in the Russian Orthodox tradition (which considers him to be one of the seven major archangels) and recognized in the Anglican Church as the 4th archangel. He is also well known in European esoteric medieval literature.

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    Sandalphon (Hebrew: סָנְדַלְפוֹן Sānḏalfōn; Greek: Σανδαλφών Sandalfón) is an archangel in Jewish and Christian writings, although not in scripture. Sandalphon figures prominently in the mystical literary traditions of Rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity , notably in the Midrash , Talmud , and Kabbalah and is ...

  9. 9 Surprising Uses for METATRON'S CUBE Sacred Geometry ... › metatrons-cube
    • Alchemizing, Creating & Manifesting. Because Archangel Metatron’s Cube contains All geometric possibilities, it is the perfect platform for Manifesting Your Ideal Life.
    • Flying in Dreams. Remember those amazing dreams of flying you had as a child? The ones where you felt so free and swore you actually flew? Well, you did!
    • Astral Projection. I have been Astral Projecting since I was a young child. Sometimes, the experience would terrify me, and other times it was amusing!
    • Connection to the Teacher’s of Light (Archangels, Ascended Masters, & your Higher Self) I invoke the use of Metatron’s Cube whenever I feel like I need to be taught something, or want to channel information from the Teacher’s of Light.
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    Archangel Metatron is an angel of "deeds". When he judges a human being he writes down all of their deeds and the intentions behind those deeds. Time in heaven and on Earth are different, so he has plenty of time to write down the deeds of all mortals. When a soul is good, their evil deeds that they may have done are not counted against them.

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