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    In the novels, weapons are hardly ever referred to with their exact designation. However, sometimes, it is possible to figure out what weapon is being described. VDNKh convoy guards are said to carry \\"bulky military 7.62 calibre \\"machine guns\\" with wooden butts\\" which are probably AKMs, RPKs or perhaps (although this is unlikely) even PKs. The weapon carried by Bourbon and some Hansa guards is most likely AKS-74u (\\"It was also a Kalashnikov but it was cut-off like the ones held by the Hansa b...

    As all Metro games (These include Metro 2033, Metro Last Light and Metro Exodus) are first-person shooters, weapons play a significant role in them. The player can use a wide variety of weapons that can be separated into several classes. Below is a list of weapons in all Metro games grouped by weapon class.

    In all Metro Games, weapons have various attachments and upgrades available to them which can modify their functionality. However, the methods of obtaining modified weapons differ greatly between all games.

  2. Weapons - Metro 2033 Wiki Guide - IGN › wikis › metro-2033

    Apr 04, 2012 · Throughout Metro 2033, you will find different weapons. All the weapons will do the same damage on all difficulties (on Hard, you have far less ammunition than on Easy), but each weapon has its...

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  4. Item and Weapon Locations - Metro 2033 Wiki Guide - IGN › wikis › metro-2033

    Oct 16, 2012 · Metro 2033 Wiki Guide. Item and Weapon Locations. ... The first level of the Ranger's base has several weapons: Uboyneg (Bayonet), Kalash, Kalash 2012, VSV, Duplet, and some Revolver variants ...

    Chapter & Area
    Item Locations
    1 / Exhibition
    Revolver (Extended Barrel) Revolver (Silenced) Bastard (Silenced) First Air Kit
    1 / Chase
    Your allied guard will give you his Duplet double barreled shotgun during the stage. Keep it around; it can be handy for Dead City.
    2 / Riga Station
    Air Filter First Aid Kit Throwing Knife Pipe Bomb Revolver (Extended Barrel) Revolver (Silenced) Bastard (Silenced)
    2 / Lost Tunnel
    After seeing the Lurker (dog mutant), there#x27;s a detour off to the left with several of them scavenging the corpses of a caravan. A standard Tihar may be found among the dead. The bandit base has a throwing knife on the table; Bourbon will also "generate" one when he kills the drunk sentry. Take the second throwing knife from the corpse.
  5. Based on the eponymous novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 is an FPS game set in the post-apocalyptic environs of a future Moscow devastated by nuclear war. The survivors have retreated into the underground Metro stations for shelter against the radiation on the surface, and for protection against the inhuman monstrosities which now stalk the dark tunnels below and the ravaged cityscapes above.

  6. Category:Weapons | Metro Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Category:Weapons

    Metro 2033; Metro 2034; Metro 2035; ... This is the category page for weapons. ... Metro Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

  7. Revolver | Metro Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Revolver
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    The Revolver and its variants are the only handguns available in Metro 2033, and one of the three in Metro Last Light. Slow, powerful, and heavily customizable, the Revolver is the first weapon that Artyom obtains in the video game series. In the late-game, it remains a powerful and versatile weapon to fall back on when an automatic weapon or shotgun doesn't suffice.

    Despite its high damage output and accuracy, the Revolver is difficult to use in close-range combat or against multiple opponents, as both the fire rate and cylinder capacity of the Revolver are mediocre at best. It is best used as a weapon for controlled and calculated shots, such as during stealth situations or when picking off enemies one-by-one, when immediate attention on multiple targets is not an issue. Because of its drawbacks; the Revolver is generally a poor choice when fighting Mutants, especially smaller, faster ones, such as nosalises, watchmen and lurkers. In the early-game of Metro 2033, the player must use the Revolver as the ammunition for the Bastardis too scarce to be used against every foe. However, this weapon is powerful enough to bring down most mutants in one or two well-placed shots, which is not difficult as they tend to attack one-by-one. If used carefully, the revolver is sometimes more effective than the Bastard. Because the expensive, but very powerful...

    In Metro Exodus, the starting configuration of the revolver comes with a 3-round cylinder, silencer, and a single-action hammer. As this is slow to fire and reload, and has low capacity, it is of very limited and niche usefulness. It is advised to drop the starting revolver as soon as possible for a stronger offering such as a double-barrel Ashot, or to simply find a better-modded revolver. Once upgraded however the revolver may fill a range of different combat roles; however it is best suited as a stealth-oriented weapon. When equipped with a silencer, scope and/or full stock, the revolver becomes very well-suited as a stealth weapon, especially for fighting human targets which can often be taken out with a single headshot. Note: Attachments in Metro Exodus can usually be found in multiple locations or even attached to human enemies weapons. As such, any attachment location listed may not be the only place to find such attachments. If you find any other attachment locations, please...

    Metro Last Light

    The Revolver can equip seven different attachments, more than most other weapons in the game. The attachments are divided into three categories: Optics, Barrel and Misc. Both attachments from the Misc section can be equipped at once.

    Metro Exodus

    The Revolver shares all its Stock and some Barrel upgrades with the Bastard, some Barrel upgrades with the Valveand has the usual sights and gadgets available for most weapons. Two of the available Magazine upgrades change the revolver to double-action, significantly increasing rate of fire by removing the necessity to cock the weapon after each shot.

    The Revolver has the most variants of all the weapons available in Metro 2033 and is second only to the Lolifein Metro: Last Light. While in Metro 2033, one must find or buy the different variants;...
    If left idle, Artyom will look at the revolver before playfully spinning it around his index finger. If the Revolver has a stock equipped Artyom will pitch it back and forth to each hand to crack h...
    If one looks closely at the reload animation, Atryom is placing a rolled up strip of .44 Magnum rounds into the cylinder. Also, when the cartridges are ejected, any rounds not fired will be visible...
    In Metro: Last Light/2033 Redux and Exodus, if one loads less than six cartridges into the cylinder, the empty chambers will become visible as the cylinder rotates. When the cylinder is empty and n...
  8. Steam Community :: Guide :: Metro 2033 Weapons Guide › sharedfiles › filedetails

    Sep 04, 2013 · The Ultimate Metro Explorer's Guide to weapons in the metro! Features tips and advice (T'n'A) for you to use to your advantage against hostile dwellers of the metro. Or to humour yourself with the "top tier" grammar and puns in it. This guide is made for the original Metro 2033, but most of the information is still valid to work in Redux.

  9. Metro 2033 Redux | Metro Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Metro_2033_Redux

    Metro 2033 Redux is the updated version ofMetro 2033for the PC and new platforms - featuring improved graphics, weapons, characters, and content. It is part of the two-part remake Metro Redux. Utilises gameplay elements from Metro Last Light, such as adding the option to wipe your mask clean as well as combat changes - like stealth takedowns and weapon customisation Simplification of the enemy ...

  10. Kalash (AK-74M) | Metro Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Kalash_(AK-74M)
    • Overview
    • Tactics and Use
    • Variants and Customization
    • Trivia

    As a pre-war weapon, it shows superior craftsmanship and manufacturing and is highly prized for its ability to keep working in even the worst climatic conditions - a reputation that it has carried through the Great War. Considered by many to be among the finest weapons available underground, the AK-74M's rugged reliability makes it a highly-prized weapon by many of the metro inhabitants. Since it is a primary weapon, it can use both dirty and military-grade 5.45x39mmcartridges. The very first Kalash available to the player in Metro 2033 is provided by Bourbon. He offers his rifle as a reward for escorting him from Riga to Dry Station. It can be found behind the player at the start of the respective level. After that, AK-74M's can be reliably found on most levels up until Tower. The Kalash makes a return in Metro: Last Light, but appears to have undergone some modifications, including a heat shield and can now accept under-barrel attachments. For those who bought the Last Light limit...

    Metro 2033

    The Kalash has the second lowest fire rate of the group and moderate accuracy. This weapon lacks a silenced version, which makes it useless for stealth. If your playstyle is being subtle, consider getting the VSVas your primary weapon. A slow rate of fire and high damage make it perfect for conserving ammunition, which makes it an optimal choice for levels such as Frontline. As with all primary weapons, the Kalash loaded with MGRs is capable of killing almost anything with a single shot on hi...

    Metro: Last Light

    In the sequel, the AK-74M has become one of the most, if not the most, versatile weapons in the player's arsenal thanks to the new attachmentsystem. This time around it can accept a silencer which makes it invaluable for stealth. It can also accept Reflex, IRNV and 2x optical sights, making it useful for both close and long range combat, as well as additional attachments, including an extended 45 round RPK-styled magazine, and laser designator, useful for ranger difficulties. As with all prim...

    Metro: Exodus

    The Kalash is the primary assault rifle for much of Metro: Exodus. As the second weapon introduced to the character (behind the Shambler), the Kalash makes good use of the new attachment and customisation system to fill numerous roles, including the AKS-74u, standard Kalash and RPK. Kalash's can be found throughout the main story of Exodus and its DLC's, however they aren't of the same gameplay value as in the base game. In The Two Colonels, Colonel Khlebnikov briefly acquires a Kalash and an...

    Metro Last Light

    The Kalash has three attachmentslots and six available attachments in total. Attachments in the Misc slot can be equipped both at once, so the Kalash can have four different attachments at the same time.

    Metro Exodus

    Kalash shares all Barrel upgrades and most Magazine upgrades with Bulldog and Stock upgrades with Bulldog and Shambler. Unlike Bulldog, it only comes with a 4x scope, but it can equip larger magazine, a 75-round drum mag, unique to this weapon, that can be found in the Caspian level. Combining this magazine with Long barrel essentially turns the Kalash into an RPK.


    1. In the novel, the firearms are never referred to by their exact name. Artyom and the VDNKh convoy guards carry "bulky military 7.62 calibre "machine guns" with wooden butts", (AK-47s or, more likely, AKMs) and weapons carried by Bourbon and Hansa guards are heavily implied to be AKS-74Us. ("It was also a Kalashnikov but it was cut-off like the ones held by the Hansa border guards, with a hinged butt and a short socket instead."). In Metro 2035however, the weapons used by the order are reco...

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