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    The highest level of monsters, combining a strong body with high intelligence. They are fearsome monsters with sharp claws that can tear through steel and they breathe fire that can incinerate anything. They have been titled as “rulers of the earth” because of the enormous power they possess. They take an arrogant, high-handed attitude towards not only humans, but other monsters as well. They have taken on the form of women due to the Demon Lord’s power, but because of the enormous power they already possessed from birth, they haven’t been completely subverted by her power. They can even temporarily change into the form of the enormous dragons from the time before the new Demon Lordtook over. Also, they love treasure, including precious metals, jewels and rare magic items. Their lairs are full of all of the “treasure” they have collected. Although they have high intelligence, their behavior and emotions are strongly governed by their instincts and they can’t go against them. They ar...

    This monster girl is based on modern depictions of the European dragon(the famous and stereotypical version of a dragon.
    These are among the races known to have in rare cases overcome their human-killing instincts and fallen in love with humans in the age of the former mamono lords. (source: Kenkou’s Japanese Q and A).
    ↑ 1.0 1.1 Dragon
    ↑ The European Dragon
    ↑ For the full gallery, please refer to the fanart hub
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    Sep 10, 2016 · Monster princesses that rule over “ Ryugujo ” which exist at the bottom of the sea in the Zipangu region. They are treated as mermaids, but they're actually a kind of powerful dragon that possesses the power to manipulate sea currents and cause tsunamis. Depending on the area, they are worshiped as gods of the ocean.

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  4. Wyvern | Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Wyvern

    With both arms being huge wings, this Dragon species is known as the “Wyvern.” With the same powers as other dragons, this variety can also return to the form it had before the current Demon Lord’s ascension.

  5. Mouse Dragon | MGE-fanon Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Mouse_Dragon

    A dragon type mamono with fur on the lower portion of their arms and legs. They also have a mouse tail and ears, but has the claws, fangs and wings of a dragon. They live in small groups and will share any male they catch. They will raid human settlements to find food or men, taking any men they take a fancy to.

  6. Chaos Dragon | MGE-fanon Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Chaos_Dragon

    Profile: The Chaos Dragon is a subspecies of Dragon that has been discovered to inhabit Ceriaque.A Chaos Dragon was formed when a normal Dragon entered the land of Ceriaque and became infused with it's abnormal energy.Possesing incredible strength and magical abillities they gained, no hero ever managed to take one down.

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    After Luka defeats Vampire Girl, he finally meets the dragon who, not surprisingly, is a juvenile delinquent. He attacks once, realizing his slashes do nothing; Dragon Pup begins to cry like the others, then quickly shakes it off. Luka then strikes with Demon Decapitation, which knocks her down and she loses the will to fight. Having defeating the Four Bandits, Luka has her apologize to Iliasburg’s citizens, who forgive her for not being a potential threat. Dragon Pup then works at the Weapon...

    When Ilias' forces invade Iliasburg, Dragon Pup fights against them alongside Tiny Lamia and Vampire Girl. She later receives a special gem from Tiny Lamia, one of three that Tamamo had given her. During the final assault on Iliasburg by Ilias' forces, these gems allow the former bandits to transform into adult forms temporarily, which allows them to turn the tides of the battle. After the war is over, Dragon Pup and two of her fellow bandits (excluding Goblin Girl) are asked by Tamamo to tes...

    “An energetic girl from the Dragon race. Able to eat anything, she can live just like a human. Liking meat more than anything, they aren’t known for attacking men for semen. Even though she’s young, she still retains characteristics of full grown Dragons. However when her opponent is a young men, it seems as though she can’t help but rape him. Like others of the Dragon race, her body temperature is naturally high, which causes her vagina to be abnormally hot. Most men are forced to quickly submit to the combined tightness and heat of the Dragon Pup. After a particularly fierce battle, she is not satisfied with just raping her opponent once. Submitting to her reproductive instincts, she will continue to rape her opponent over and over repeatedly. Even though she is a young girl, she is still a member of the dangerous dragon race.”

    *Intense Flame:Normal attack causing physical damage.
    *Bite:Normal attack causing physical damage.
    *Scratch:Normal attack causing physical damage.

    Like the other Bandits, she receives the preemptive strike, although this attack is not a bind. Luka then attacks once, realizing he needs something better to cut through her thick scales. Using Demon Decapitation, he ends their little battle. If he succumbs to her power, she rapes him with vaginal intercourse. Afterwards, he is kept as a sex slave for the Four Bandits.

    “Violated by a dragon like that... how pathetic. If a normal attack doesn't connect, why not try your strongest? Surely, it's a horrible monster's technique... But it's still very powerful. It may just be the fate of the [Non-Blessed Hero]... Now go, oh brave Luka. For the people of Iliasburg, you must defeat the bandits!”

    Dragon Pup is one of two monsters who does not have any requestable skills, the other being Granberia.
    Dragon Pup is one of two monsters who do not use sexual techniques in battle, the other being Granberia.
    Unlike the other Four Bandits, Dragon Pup can only be fought on Normal Mode.
    If you somehow manage to bring Dragon Pup down to 0 hp using normal attacks, you will still not win. You must use Demon Decapitation.
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    Conventional magic originates from the Fade, the realm where spiritsdwell and where humans, qunari, and elves visit when they dream. For non-mages, entering the Fade while dreaming is a fleeting experience; but for mages, they are fully conscious during the entire incident. Mana is a measurement of one's ability to channel energy from the Fade, and this energy is expended in the practice of magic. Just as the Fade can be reshaped by those who have grasped its nature, so can the world of Thedas be manipulated by magic via willing things into being. The ability of a living being to expend mana is what defines a mage. The act of drawing power from the Fade can draw the attention of the spiritual beings on the other side of the Veil, leading to an increased risk of demonic possession if the mages are not vigilant enough. A possessed mage becomes a distortion of his or her former self, a twisted monster known as an abominationthat has enough power to wipe entire villages off the map. It...

    A mage uses magic by tapping into the power of the Fade to essentially question reality, rendering it mutable and able to be reshaped. To this end, templars are the ideal foils for mages, having been trained specifically to counter and "deny" magic. This is done by a unique method of reinforcing the reality and immutability of the world. Like a door being slammed in the mage's face, magical effects dissipate and the mage is unable to reshape a suddenly stubborn world. From a mage's perspective it appears to be less spell interruption and more a templar reinforcing a reality in which that spell cannot be cast in the first place. Cole offers a different explanation for the powers of the templars: after ingesting lyriumtheir bodies become incomplete and try to connect to something older and bigger than they are. They reach for that "other thing" and magic has no room to come in.

    No one knows who first discovered magic, but it has been a part of the world of Thedas for as long as people can remember. From the elves of Arlathanto the mages of Tevinter, both humans and elves have been known to wield magic. Before it became the Imperium, Tevinter was ruled by a dynasty of kings. And long before the Chantry there was a Circle of Magi: the society of mages in each city. The titles the modern Circles use—enchanter, senior enchanter, first enchanter—all originated here. But above the first enchanter, the Circles of Tevinter had another office: magister. The magisters formed a council of the most powerful mages in the kingdom. They convened in Minrathous and held dominion over all magic in the land. When Darinius seized the throne in -1195 Ancient, the Court of the Magisters became the royal court, and "magister" was the only title of nobility recognized in Tevinter. Prior to the Circle’s formation, magic was either practiced by the Magisters of the Tevinter Imperiu...

    In 1:20 Divine, the Chantry and the Inquisition signed the Nevarran Accord, and created the Circle of Magi, the Templar Order and the Seekers of Truth. As magic had been the source of the Imperium's power, it was all but banned when the Chantry became the new dominant force in Thedas. Blood magic was completely forbidden, and those who practised any kind of magic were confined. At first, the Chantry detained mages and had them continually light the eternal flame in every chantry in Thedas, with all other forms of magic forbidden. For such powerful beings to only use their powers in such mundane ways, it surprised almost no one when the mages of the Grand Cathedral protested. Divine Ambrosia was surprised and almost ordered an Exalted March on her own Cathedral, until her own templars advised her otherwise.The Circle of Magi was established to regulate the use of magic throughout Thedas, and the Templar Order was founded to police the Circles and capture or eliminate apostate mages.

    Andrastian nations

    1. Main article: Circle of Magi In the Dragon Age, most mages in Thedas belong to the Circle of Magi. As such, they are taken from their families while still children, and highborn children who are able to use magic will lose all claims to their family's estates and titles when they are taken to the Circle. This helps to create a bond stronger than social class or race, since everybody in the Circle is raised and taught the same way. Children who are born to mages within the Circle are taken...


    The native culture in the Tevinter Imperium is that magic is considered a mark of honor, especially for those who are powerful enough and adept to use it to their advantage. Tevinter has its own Imperial Chantryand many of its mages are the scions of its ancient noble bloodlines, who have long nurtured the magic in their genealogy. Even Tevinter commoners view magic as a gift and a part of their culture, so mages are respected across all social classes more than in other countries. In fact, t...

    Hedge Mages

    1. Main article: Hedge mage Hedge mages are untrained magic-users who wield powers developed outside of conventional teachingof the Circle of Magi and because of this, they are all apostates. Some of these hedge mages are not even aware of their nature. Undeveloped, their abilities can express themselves in a variety of ways, which the hedge mage might attribute to faith, or will, or to another being entirely (depending on the mage's nature). More specifically hedge magic, known by its more t...

    For a complete list, see :Category:Magi.
    Clarel de Chanson
    Referring to mages as "robes" is an insult.
    The term 'spellbind' is also considered a slur against mages.
    Hedge mages as a rule are not respected by enchanters in the Circle of Magi, but their untutored power can be incredible nevertheless.
    Inquisition's introduction of the Dalish limiting the number of mages within a clan contradict the previous presentation of multiple mages in Zathrian's clan in Dragon Age: Origins and multiple dia...
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    The Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki is the largest and most up-to-date English wiki for the MGE franchise. The wiki was created in March of 2012, and currently has 460 articles. Introduction to MGE · Rules · Community · Staff · Random article

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    Mage Dragon (魔竜 ma ryū, translated Magic Dragon in the Japanese version, Demon Dragon in The Blazing Blade, and Witch Dragon in the fan translation of TearRing Saga) is both a race and a class of Dragons that recurrently appear across the Fire Emblem Series, beginning from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light.

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