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  1. Michael (archangel) - Wikipedia › wiki › Michael_(archangel)

    According to Legends of the Jews, archangel Michael was the chief of a band of angels who questioned God's decision to create man on Earth; a deeper analysis about Archangel Michael's action here is that Archangel Michael could have also questioned God as to why he did not kill Satan and his rebel horde of djinns/demons the minute Adam and Eve ...

  2. Who Is Michael the Archangel? Is Jesus? | Bible Teach › who-is-michael-the-archangel-jesus

    God’s Word refers to Michael “the archangel.” (Jude 9) This term means “chief angel.” Notice that Michael is called the archangel. This suggests that there is only one such angel.

  3. 7 Biblical Facts about Michael the Archangel › michael-archangel
    • Michael is the only one the Bible calls an archangel. We’re told Michael’s title in Jude 9. The Greek word for “archangel” (archággelos) means “chief angel” or “chief messenger.”
    • Michael stands guard over Israel. In Daniel’s last vision, an angel describes how the last days will play out for the Jews. It is at this time that Michael, “the great prince who stands guard over the sons of your people will arise” (Dan 12:1).
    • Michael directly opposes Satan. Jude mentions that Michael argues with Satan about the body of Moses (a nod to a Jewish tradition). Unfortunately, we’re not given any more information on what that argument was about.
    • Michael only says four words in the Bible. Well, three Greek words that are often translated into four English words. In Jude 9, Michael says to Satan, “The Lord rebuke you!”
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  5. Saint Michael the Archangel isn't a saint, but rather he is an angel, and the leader of all angels and of the army of God. This is what the title "Archangel" means, that he is above all the others in rank. St. Michael has four main responsibilities or offices, as we know from scripture and Christian tradition. The first is to combat Satan.

  6. Archangel Michael in the Bible - Scripture Quotes and Prayer › topical-verses › archangel

    Michael is known as God’s "archangel" which means "chief angel." Scripture often refers to the Archangel Michael as a “chief prince” of the heavenlies. This angel will play an important part in the end-time events. He will lead a multitude of angels in a triumphant war over Satan and his demons in Revelation 12.

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