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  1. Using a multi-disciplinary approach to characterize ... › science › article

    3 days ago · A RDBMS (Relational DataBase Management System), implemented with Microsoft Access™ software, was developed to organize, store and process the collected data. A GIS (ArcGIS 10.0 - ESRI, Redmond, USA) database was populated with attributes regarding geological information, topographic features, well log, stratigraphy, geological age ...

  2. FAQ (Base) - Apache OpenOffice Wiki › wiki › FAQ_(Base)

    6 days ago · See: Wizard - Portable 'split' HSQL database template or follow the manual steps below. But understand that these two methods are mutually exclusive. A macro-enhanced Base template (.odb) as offered in the link above is highly recommended for single-user, split-database access.

  3. ADO - CodeProject › tags › ado

    5 days ago · A simple method that compacts and repairs a Microsoft Access database file using the Microsoft Jet library and C# COM interop. The example code is meant to be integrated into an ASP.NET web site. C#

  4. SQLite - CodeProject › tags › sqlite

    5 days ago · Provides a sample code for a simple test bench application and compares the performance of two most common embedded databases for .NET: Microsoft SQL CE 4.0 and SQLite. C# .NET

  5. 5 days ago · In this article, we'll demonstrate the performance hit a sample application takes under emulation, and demonstrate how to port an existing codebase to Windows on Arm. We will show how to set up your development environment to target the ARM64 processor using .NET framework 4.8.

  6. The Best Technical Questions And Answers › questions › index

    4 days ago · The two’s complement for a given binary number can be calculated in two methods, which are as follows −Method 1 − Convert the given binary number into one’s complement and then, add 1.Method 2 − The trailing zero’s after the first bit set from the Least Significant Bit (LSB) including ...

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