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  1. Featured Access Templates - Access -

    Create a project tracking database to track multiple projects, including time-sensitive deliverables, owners, and budgets, using this popular Access template. Navigate by projects, tasks, and employees, keep an eye on costs, priorities, and status. Assign tasks and produce useful reports such as Project Tasks and Tasks by Assigned To.

  2. Microsoft (MS) Access Database Project Ideas | Lovelycoding ...

    Using MS Access you can create your database project effectively, But It need little effort, You should spend some time with ms access so that you can familiar to this big software. I am writing this post to give you some nice ideas about Database Project in MS ACCESS, you can pick one as your Ms Access Database project.

  3. Ms-Access projects – 1000 Projects

    Ms-Access projects listed here are for Computer science final year students. Ms-Access is used for back end application as database for storing data. Ms-Access projects database is used for vb, .net, c# projects. Download full project reports and database with source code.

    • MS Access Database Sample Project
    • MS Access: Sample Project Database Overview
    • Microsoft Access Project
  4. Microsoft Access | Free Source Code & Tutorials

    Download 10 latest Microsoft Access system's projects with source code for free here. ... Database System/MS Access Menu Bar Sample which you can download the basic ...

  5. GitHub - Access-projects/Access-examples: Various examples of ...

    This replaces the /ini option used in versions of Microsoft Access prior to Access 97 to specif /compact target database or target Access project: Compacts and repairs the Access database, or compacts the Access project that was specified before the /compact option, and then closes Access.

    Calendar Class
    CreateDTPControl ReDraw MultiSelect MaxSelectRangeofDays CalendarYOffset MonthRows MonthColumns WindowLocation PositionAtCursor CursorXinit CursorX CursorY FontSize FontName ShowWeekNumbers NoTodayCircle NoToday hwnd hWndForm hWndCal OneClick SelectedDate SetSelectedDateRange StartSelectedDate EndSelectedDate GetSelectedDates SetViewableMonths SetBoldDayState Class_Initialize Class_Terminate GetProperty SetProperty IsCalendar
    Calendar Functions
    ShowMonthCalendar WindowProc GetFuncPtr SetSelectedDate SetMonths sClick ShowWeekNums sShowToday sShowcircleToday sWindowPosition UpdateCursor LocationCursorOnCalendar ReleaseClass LoWord MakeDWord
    Date functions
    Timedelay DaysInMonth Age DaysInMonthMS DaysInMonth2 EndOfMonth EndOfWeek FormatInterval LastBusDay LeapYear2 NextDay NextDay1 Num2Date PriorDay PriorDay1 StartOfMonth StartOfWeek String2Date WorkDays
    Contains procedures that check and refresh the links to Northwind tables.
    RefreshLinks GetDirectory FindFile ReturnAllFiles RecursiveDir TrailingSlash MSA_CreateFilterString MSA_ConvertFilterString MSA_GetSaveFileName MSA_SimpleGetSaveFileName MSA_GetOpenFileName MSA_SimpleGetOpenFileName OF_to_MSAOF MSAOF_to_OF
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  7. Currently, the latest version of Microsoft Access is MS Access 2016, but there are numerous users still using ms access 2013, access 2010 or access 2007 version, therefore we created access database templates that compatible with all versions. In the future, we will focus in creating Microsoft Access templates and databases for Access 2016.

  8. 29+ Microsoft Access Templates | Free & Premium Templates

    Free Microsoft Access Database Templates. For a long time, if users needed a database, they had to create it themselves or hire a professional. Microsoft Access Database templates changed that. With a free database template, the basic structure of the database is already present, complete with tables, forms, etc. The user just needs to enter ...

    • Free Microsoft Access Database Templates
      For a long time, if users needed a database, they had to create it themselves or hire a professional. Microsoft Access Database templates changed t...
    • Microsoft Access Tutorials
      At first glance, many users find Microsoft Access intimidating. They hear the word database and think it’s out of their league. Creating a database...
    • MS Access Planner Templates
      A planner in Access is no simple calendar. It’ll keep track of dates and timings, allow new entries and modifications, etc. Creating it from scratc...
    • MS Access Timetable Templates
      Business, schools and colleges regularly use timetables to manage employee and student schedules. Timetables in Access allow users to manage multip...
    • MS Access Lesson Plan Templates
      Creating lessons plans for different levels and different classes can be an exhaustive process, keeping track of them, even more so. With Microsoft...
    • MS Access Scheduling Templates
      A good schedule is essential for time management in businesses. The best way to keep track of multiple employees is through a database. MS Access S...
    • MS Access Inventory Templates
      Keeping a good track of inventory is vital to any sales business and many chose to hire professionals to create an inventory database for them. MS...
    • MS Access Invoice Templates
      MS Access can be used to manage billings and invoices of businesses and professionals. A user can simply turn their quotes to invoices through Acce...
    • MS Access Accounting Templates
      Increasingly, businesses and professionals are using MS Access to keep their accounting in order. Users like the flexibility of Access, which can c...
    • MS Access Switchboard Templates
      A switchboard in MS Access is basically a form. It allows the user to access different parts of a particular database. It’s a useful tool to naviga...
  9. Database Solutions & Downloads for Microsoft Access - Free downloadable Microsoft Access 97, 2000, XP and 2003 Database Files and Sample database examples for you to use in your own Microsoft Access Database projects. These files are intended to demonstrate particular examples and functionality available within the Microsoft Access development ...

    Date Submitted
    Downloadable File
    Example of Many-To-Many Relationships Access 2000 Version (File available for download)
    [44 KB]
    Example of creating a Login Form Access 2000 Version (File available for download)
    [33 KB]
    How to create a simple text search facility Tested on Access 2000 and XP (File available for download)
    [37 KB]
    Example of creating a Start-Up Form Access 2000 Version (File available for download)
    [23 KB]
  10. Access 2010: Sample Access Database for ... -

    Microsoft Access 2010 can be useful when you need to manage a large stream of data. Using Access, you can make the data easier to analyze, store, and summarize in reports. You can also use queries and macros to automate parts of the process, saving you time and helping to prevent errors when it is time for another set of reports.

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    Browse code samples. Get started with Microsoft developer tools and technologies. Explore our samples and discover the things you can build.