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    Miep Gies Miep Gies, the woman who risked her life daily to help hide Anne Frank and her family from the Nazis, visited the Scholastic Web site in May 1997. During this project, students had the opportunity to ask Miep questions about Anne Frank, her family, and the other people in hiding. Below are Miep's answers to questions from students.

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    In this 1988 interview, Harry Smith spoke with Miep Gies and Mary Steenburgen on the film The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank and Gies' time spent harboring ...

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  3. Miep Gies Interview - YouTube › watch

    Holocaust Day Five

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  4. Sample Response: The interview with Miep Gies was effective because it achieved the reporter’s and Gies's purpose. The reporter wanted to help share Gies's story, and Gies wanted to honor Anne Frank's memory and to encourage people to help others. I think the interview effectively helped them achieve both purposes.

  5. Miep Gies - Overview

    "More than twenty thousand Dutch people helped to hide Jews and others in need of hiding during those years. I willingly did what I could to help. My husband did as well. It was not enough."-Miep Gies

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    How long was Miep Gies in hiding?

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    What does Otto Frank tell Miep?

    What happened to Miep Frank?

  7. The Story of Miep Gies: A We Remember Anne Frank Activity ... › teachers › activities

    A fascinating reading activity, Scholastic’s Interview with Miep shares answers to dozens of questions from students, including who Miep suspects turned in the Franks to the Nazis, what Anne Frank was like as a teenager, how Miep coped after hearing all but Otto Frank were killed, and much more.

  8. Miep Gies | Anne Frank House › main-characters › miep-gies

    Miep Gies, ‘I write about you too’, interview, Anne Frank Stichting, 1993 Miep hands the diary to Otto On 5 May 1945, the Netherlands was a free country again.

  9. Miep Gies :: Miep Gies describes her friends › en › two perspectives

    Miep describes the first time she met him, at the occasion of her job interview with him in early 1933: "In a shy but genltemanly way, this tall, slim, smiling man introduced himself, as did I, and began the usual preliminaries of a job interview.

  10. The company office | Anne Frank House › en › anne-frank

    In an interview after the war, Miep Gies said: ‘We, the helpers, knew that we all struggled from time to time, but we didn't talk about it. Everything just had to go ahead as planned.

  11. Miep Gies: Hiding the Frank Family - Scholastic › frank › hideff

    For two years, Miep Gies supplies those in hiding with part of her food rations, news from the outside, and most importantly, friendship. Anne is quite fond of Miep and writes about her in her diary. Dutch and German police raid the Secret Annex on August 4, 1944, arresting those in hiding. Miep is questioned by an officer about her involvement in the plot.

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