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  1. The Shannara books were to be adapted by Mike Newell, the director of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but he left the project. The books eventually were adapted for television by Farah Films and executive produced by Brooks, Dan Farah , and Stewart Till .

    The Sword of Shannara - Wikipedia
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    Age of Faerie

    At the beginning of time, in what was known as the "Age of Faerie", the Earth was inhabited only by Faerie creatures; most or all wielded magic. Like any power (be it wealth, technology, or physical strength), magic was used by some for good and some for evil. For example, the Elves used their magic to care for the earth, while the hateful Demons used theirs to dominate and destroy. When the Demons tried to eradicate the rival Elves altogether, the Elves proved victorious by creating a magica...

    Age of Man

    Thousands of years later, the age of mancame into being. The Elves still existed, but quickly found themselves few in numbers compared to the quickly growing human race and decided to go into hiding. Thousands of years passed while man and science ruled. The Elves and their magic remained hidden, as memories of their existence become nothing more than “Fairy Tales”.

    The Great Wars

    Sometime in the early 22nd century, mankind all but destroyed itself through nuclear, biological, and chemical holocaust. The nations of man were destroyed, and the environment and climate in many places was made entirely barren.

    Involved in nearly every key moment throughout the history of the Four Lands is some member of the Shannara family. Their mixed heritage of man and Elf left them both blessed and cursed, as this feature was part of the reason that they could wield magic. Over the years, descendants of the Shannara bloodline, now with the surname Ohmsford, have continuously been called upon to fight to defend the Four Lands and the lives of its inhabitants. The familial relationships between the main characters can be seen on the Shannara family treepage.

    The Word/Void Trilogy

    The Word/Void trilogy (also called The Word and The Void and Word & Void) consists of Running with the Demon, A Knight of the Word', and Angel Fire East' and is predominantly set in present-day Illinois. It follows John Ross and Nest Freemark, forced acquaintances who use magic given to them from the Word to prevent mankind from being overcome by the demonic forces of the Void. Before the publication of Armageddon's Children, it was unclear whether this trilogy existed within the Shannarauniv...

    Genesis of Shannara Trilogy

    The Genesis of Shannara series connects the Word/Void series with the Shannara novels. The trilogy consists of Armageddon's Children, The Elves of Cintra and The Gypsy Morph. It takes place eighty years after the Word/Void story, and approximately 1500 years before the events of The First King of Shannara.

    Legends of Shannara Duology

    The Legends of Shannara series consists of Bearers of the Black Staff, set 500 years after the end of The Gypsy Morph, and The Measure of the Magic—both of which continued to connect the Old World with the world of the Four Lands.

    Paladins of Shannara Trilogy

    1. Allanon’s Quest 2. The Weapons Master’s Choice 3. The Black Irix

    Other Works

    1. Indomitable 2. Dark Wraith of Shannara 3. Walker and the Shade of Allanon 4. Imaginary Friends


    In 2007, Warner Bros. optioned the film rights to the Shannara universe for producer Dan Farah, but the rights deal expired in 2010 and all rights reverted to Terry Brooks. The plan was to make The Elfstones of Shannarathe first movie, with Mike Newell attached as the director.

    TV series

    1. Main page: The Shannara Chronicles (TV series) Farah Films partnered with Sonar Entertainment to acquire TV rights to the Shannara universe in 2012.In December, 2013 it was announced an epic TV series based on the books was being produced for MTV. First looks were released in 2015, and the series premiered on January 5, 2016.

    ↑ Terry Brooks on the end of the Shannara saga
    ↑ Terry Brook's 2013 Year End Letter to the Fans
    ↑ The End of Shannara- Fantasy Faction
    ↑ Terry Brooks' Shannara series to be filmed?
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    Early life

    Michael Cormac Newell was born 28 March, 1942, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England. He attended Cambridge University and then spent three years training at Granada Television.


    Newell directed various British Television shows from the 1960s onwards (Such as Spindoe (1968), credited as Cormac Newell, and Big Breadwinner Hog). However, he eventually graduated into film direction and then he went on to make the horror film The Awakening (1980) and Bad Blood (1981) about a New Zealand mass murderer. His first film was The Man in the Iron Mask (1977), made for TV. His first critically acclaimed movie was Dance with a Stranger (1985), a biographical drama starring Miranda...

    The Awakening(1980)
    Bad Blood(1981)
    Dance with a Stranger(1985)
    The Good Father(1985)
    Mike Newell can briefly be heard in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as the voice of the radio announcer at the start of the film, when Frank Bryce sees the lights go on i...
    Currently at age 73, he is the oldest person to direct a Harry Potter film.
    Mike Newell at the Internet Movie Database
    Mike Newell on Wikipedia
    • March 28, 1942
  3. The Sword of Shannara - Wikipedia

    The Shannara books were to be adapted by Mike Newell, the director of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but he left the project. The books eventually were adapted for television by Farah Films and executive produced by Brooks, Dan Farah , and Stewart Till .

  4. Terry Brooks' 'Shannara' Book Series is Headed for Television

    Sep 11, 2012 · Mike Newell reportedly came close to directing a Shannara movie, but he ended up moving on to work on Prince of Persia before WB's property rights expired in 2010. However, Sonar Entertainment and Farah Films are now teaming to bring Brooks' series to television instead.

  5. Dan Farah of Farah Films & Management, Ryan Colucci and Eldon Thompson, all of whom were instrumental in bringing movie potential of the Shannara series to the attention of Warner Brothers, will be involved in the production of the film. Mike Newell, the director of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, is named as the director.

  6. Elfstones of Shannara & Sword of Shannara (TBA) - Preview ...

    Anyway, Elfstones of Shannara is to be directed by Mike Newell who already showed his adeptness with the genre with his version of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (or The 12 Tasks of Harry Potter as one jaded colleague has dubbed it). No cast has been announced as yet, but we would suggest the following:

  7. Terry Brooks' Shannara Series Headed to MTV | The Mary Sue

    It was only a matter of time: The Shannara series is huge, ... and at one point Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire‘s Mike Newell was attached to direct, but obviously that never happened.

  8. Imagine Casting: Sword of Shannara

    Mike Newell 10% Cast Results Allanon Total Votes: 14. 1. Liam Neeson 42% 2. Josh Brolin 14% 3. Ian McKellen 7% 4. Samuel L. Jackson 7% 5. Jeremy Irons 7% 6. Viggo Mortensen 7% 7. Matthew MacFadyen 7% 8. Morgan Freeman 7% Shea Ohmsford Total Votes: 13. 1. Alex Pettyfer 38% 2. Zach Braff 23% 3. Ed Speleers 15% 4.

  9. The Mike Newell Picture Pages

    The versatile film craftsman will direct the upcoming films "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" and "The Elfstones of Shannara." Newell is married to Bernice Stegers and the couple has three kids. Michael Cormac

  10. Mike Newell (director) - Wikipedia

    Newell directed various British TV shows from the 1960s onwards (such as Spindoe, credited as Cormac Newell, and Big Breadwinner Hog), but eventually shifted his focus to film direction. His first feature-length project was The Man in the Iron Mask (1977), a made-for-television film.

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