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  1. Nicola Foakes Parent and Milk User “ I find Milk useful because I can see how many behaviour points and achievement points I have from school, also it shows you your attendance [100 percent!]. ” Georgina Ellis Student and Milk User “ Fantastic, very useful app [Milk]. Easy to use and informative, at your fingertips. ” Katie Rowe Student ...

  2. Milk Student Planner System - Apps on Google Play

    Homework - Receive a push notification whenever new homework is issued or existing homework is updated - Receive reminders when non-completed homework is due to for submission within next 24 hours - Students can rate homework task difficulty, indicate completion and receive teacher feedback in real time - Print homework tasks and documents from within app Student and Parent Communication ...

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  3. Milk Student Planner System - Apps on Google Play

    Milk Student Planner System. Milk Student Planners Ltd Education. Everyone. 1,037. Add to Wishlist. Install. Homework - Receive a push notification whenever new ...

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    • DIY Planner Notebook| Easy & Budget friendly
    • How to set homework in Milk
    • Healthy meals for students and other busy people: 6-pack abs and gain muscle with good nutrition
  4. ‎Milk Student Planner System on the App Store

    ‎Part of the Milk Student Planner System, our app is designed for Students and Parents. Milk is designed to enhance teaching and learning outcomes and monitor progress. Milk was designed by a teacher and offers lots of features that make teachers' lives easier. Integrates seamlessly with SIMS as well…

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  5. Remote School Learning - Milk Student Planner System

    Monitor student and parent homework activity and get student task feedback while enjoying the ability to quickly and easily give feedback of your own their homework task performance Boost home learning submission by 44% (pilot study 2015) with Milk; 74% of parents say Milk makes it easier to understand home learning tasks

  6. Education is all about relationships, and the Milk student planner app oils the wheels of communication between teacher, parent and pupil. And why not use the 2-way chat function to relate good news stories to parents? We ring to complain, but praise is the great motivator. How much better to finish the week with messages of praise home.

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  7. Check for alerts to our service | Milk Student Planner

    Milk Student Planner Service Alerts COVID-19 school closures has resulted in unprecedented demand for our service. We are constantly monitoring and increasing server capacity to maintain Milk’s performance.

  8. Administrators - Milk Student Planner System

    Milk Administrator rights give access and control to help manage how their school uses Milk. To read more or book a demo, click here. ... Milk Student Planners Ltd ...