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  1. 160 km (max) The MIM-104 Patriot is a surface-to-air missile (SAM) system, the primary such system used by the United States Army and several allied states. It is manufactured by the U.S. defense contractor Raytheon and derives its name from the radar component of the weapon system. The AN/MPQ-53 at the heart of the system is known as the ...

    • 410 mm (16 in)
    • 907.2 kg (2,000 lb)
    • 5.3 m (17 ft 5 in)
    • 870 mm (34 in)
  2. Dec 22, 2022 · August 2018 - With the growing threat of Russia in the East, the Swedish government has announced a commitment to the MIM-104 Patriot air-defense missile system. September 2018 - The United States government has approved a $2.1 billion deal with South Korea that includes Patriot missile batteries as well as six P-8A maritime patrollers.

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  3. The MIM-104 Patriot is an air defense missile (SAM) system, the primary of its kind used by the United States Army and several allied nations. Patriot uses an advanced aerial interceptor missile and high-performance radar systems. The Patriot system is modular and highly mobile. A battery-sized element can be emplaced in less than 1 hour.

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    The U.S. Army Missile Command first developed the Patriot concept in 1961 as the Army Air Defense System for the 1970s (AADS-70s). In its initial form, AADS-70s was to be a mobile air defense system to replace static HAWK and Nike Hercules emplacements. In October 1964, the Army renamed the program to Surface-to-Air Missile, Development (SAM-D) and...

    The Patriot missile defense system consists of six major components: a 1) missile, 2) launcher, 3) radar set, 4) control station, 5) power generator unit, and 6) high-frequency antenna mast. With continuous upgrades since its fielding, today’s Patriot system bears little resemblance to the original system deployed in 1983.

    The Patriot system first saw combat service during the 1991 Gulf War, defending critical assets in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Israel.34 The decision to deploy Patriot PAC-2 batteries to Israel was viewed as critical for forestalling their involvement in the war.35 While initially lauded, the Patriot missile’s performance in Desert Storm later became...

    18 countries, including the United States, possess or have agreed to purchase the Patriot system. These include the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Taiwan, Greece, Spain, South Korea, the UAE, Ukraine, Qatar, Romania, Sweden, Poland, and Bahrain, listed in order of purchase date. The most recent recipients, Romania and Sw...

  5. On 9 March 2022, the U.S. European Command announced, in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, that it would send two Patriot air defense systems to Pola...

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  6. Patriot. The MIM-104 Patriot is a surface-to-air missile (SAM) system, the primary of its kind used by the United States Army and several allied nations. On 15 October 1964, the Secretary of Defense directed that the Army Air Defense System for the 1970s (AADS-70s) program name be changed to Surface-to-Air Missile, Development (SAM-D).

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  8. The MIM-104 Patriot is the most advanced medium/long-range surface-to-air missile in current operational U.S. Army inventory. The Patriot system, complemented by the new PAC-3 missile, will remain the Army's main tactical air-defense system for some time in the future. Studies for an advanced surface-to-air missile to supplement and eventually ...

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