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  1. Reference questions, including those regarding access to collections, may be directed to ... Miracle at Moreaux. Publication

  2. "Miracle at Moreaux" certainly does qualify. I lucked out last week when I found this on VHS (yes< I still have a player) at my local Goodwill in very good condition. The movie was made in 1985 and aired on PBS in 1986,as part of a program for the family that had a 1 hour film that covered certain subjects and reminded parents to have a talk ...

  3. Video: Miracle at Moreaux I w/questions ; DUE DATES. Wed - Classwork and any Makeup Work; Tuesday. OBJECTIVE. Holocaust. WARMUP. None. DAILY INSTRUCTION. Video: Miracle at Moreaux II (Continue to add to yesterday's answers to Word Doc. as these cover both Part I and II of Video, copy to entry and submit when done) DUE DATES. Tomorrow ...

  4. MIRACLE AT MOREAUX Courage - The film is a story of children’s courage and a nun who recognized that this ‘dark ‘ time, the rule of the Nazis, was no time to abandon children, not any child. It was a time to give them safety, love, and hope. Song: Eli, Eli…song of hope

  5. Communities Are People, a unit of nine lesson plans for third and fourth grades from the New Jersey Holocaust Commission includes: Allen Jay and the Underground Railroad, Angel Child, Dragon Child, Different and Alike, Ethnic Pride, Miracle at Moreaux, Molly's Pilgrim, Number on my Grandfather's Arm, Soup, The Keeping Quilt, The Most Beautiful ...

  6. Witch and The Wardrobe, The Writing on The Wall, Miracle At Moreaux, The Ernest Green Story, other educational videos, various internet sites Parent Teacher Communication Please feel free to contact me during the year if you have questions or concerns. You may send in a note, e-mail

  7. Aug 17, 2016 · They try not to even talk to the Nazis when they start asking questions. But, how long can they keep it up? Something has obviously happened to Sister Gabriel, and the Jewish children can’t hide in the cave forever. There is a movie version of this book called Miracle at Moreaux. The movie differs significantly from the book.

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