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    Miriam is a female given name. According to the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament , Miriam was the older sister of Moses . She was a prophet and first appears in the Book of Exodus .

  2. Miriam Makeba - Wikipedia › wiki › Mama_Afrika

    Zenzile Miriam Makeba (4 March 1932 – 9 November 2008), nicknamed Mama Africa, was a South African singer, songwriter, actress, United Nations goodwill ambassador, and civil rights activist. Associated with musical genres including Afropop , jazz , and world music , she was an advocate against apartheid and white-minority government in South ...

  3. Miriam Neureuther - Wikipedia › wiki › Miriam_Neureuther

    Miriam Neureuther (née Gössner; born 21 June 1990) is a former German biathlete and cross-country skier. She has won an Olympic silver medal in cross-country skiing and two biathlon world championship titles, all in team events. Noted for her fast skiing performances, she won two junior world championship titles in biathlon in 2008 and 2009.

  4. Miriam Ben-Shalom - Wikipedia › wiki › Miriam_Ben-Shalom

    Miriam Ben-Shalom (Hebrew: מרים בן שלום ‎, born May 3, 1948) is an American educator, activist and former Staff Sergeant in the United States Army. After being discharged from the military for homosexuality in 1976, she successfully challenged her discharge in court and returned to military service in 1987—the first openly gay person to be reinstated after being discharged under ...

  5. Miriam - definition of Miriam by The Free Dictionary › MIRIAM

    (Bible) Old Testament the sister of Moses and Aaron. (Numbers 12:1–15). Douay name: Mary

  6. User:Miriam (WMF) - Meta › wiki › User:Miriam_(WMF)

    Feb 10, 2021 · Hello there! My name is Miriam, I joined the Wikimedia Foundation on September 2017 as a Research Scientist in the Research team. I am Italian, and French, and from all over the Mediterranean sea.

  7. Miriam | Article about Miriam by The Free Dictionary › Miriam

    Miriam (mĭr`ēəm), in the Bible. 1 Sister of Moses and Aaron. After the crossing of the Sea of Reeds, she led the women in the song of Miriam. Later she sided with Aaron against Moses and was stricken with leprosy, but was cured when Moses interceded for her. 2 Descendant of Judah. Miriam and Mary are diverse forms of the same original name.

  8. Translation of Miriam in English › english › Miriam

    miriam their rebellion. 1. the sister of moses and aaron (ex. 2:4-10; 1 chr. 6:3). her name is prominent in the history of the exodus. she is called "the prophetess" (ex. 15:20). she took the lead in the song of triumph after the passage of the red sea. she died at kadesh during the second encampment at that place, toward the close of the wanderings in the wilderness, and was buried there (num ...

  9. Dec 28, 2020 · Miriam A. Hyman’s official Instagram profile’s username is @robynhoodmusic, and she has earned merely 34 thousand followers already. According to IMDb, she stands at a height of nearly 5 feet and 9 inches. There is actually no Wikipedia page which is why we recommend LinkedIn where we can find everything about her.

  10. miriam dassin wikipedia - Pakistan Tribune › miriam-dassin-wikipedia-a0d946

    Sep 15, 2020 · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " Miriam " is a short story written by Truman Capote. Julius "Jules" Dassin (December 18, 1911 – March 31, 2008) was an American film director, producer, writer and actor.

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