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    • 1. an object which is forcibly propelled at a target, either by hand or from a mechanical weapon: "one of the players was hit on the head by a missile thrown by a spectator"
  2. Missile | Definition of Missile by Merriam-Webster › dictionary › missile

    Missile definition is - capable of being thrown or projected to strike a distant object. How to use missile in a sentence.

  3. Missile - Wikipedia › wiki › Missile

    In military terminology, a missile, also known as a guided missile or guided rocket, is a guided airborne ranged weapon capable of self-propelled flight usually by a jet engine or rocket motor. Missiles have four system components: targeting / guidance system, flight system, engine and warhead.

  4. Missile | Definition of Missile at › browse › missile

    Missile definition, an object or weapon for throwing, hurling, or shooting, as a stone, bullet, or arrow. See more.

  5. Missile - definition of missile by The Free Dictionary


    Define missile. missile synonyms, missile pronunciation, missile translation, English dictionary definition of missile. an object or weapon for throwing or shooting ...

  6. Missile | rocket | Britannica › technology › missile

    Missile, a rocket-propelled weapon designed to deliver an explosive warhead with great accuracy at high speed. Missiles vary from small tactical weapons that are effective out to only a few hundred feet to much larger strategic weapons that have ranges of several thousand miles.

  7. List of missiles - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_missiles

    ABM-1 Galosh (NATO reporting name for the Russian/ USSR, Vympel A-350 surface-to-air Anti-Ballistic Missile) ABM-3 Gazelle (NATO reporting name for the Russian/ USSR A-135 surface-to-air Anti-Ballistic Missile) A-Darter. ADATS (Swiss-American) ADM-20 Quail. ADM-141 TALD.

  8. World Missiles | Missile Threat


    Missile Threat brings together a wide range of information and analyses relating to the proliferation of cruise and ballistic missiles around the world and the air and missile defense systems designed to defeat them. Missile Threat is a product of the Missile Defense Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

  9. Missle - definition of Missle by The Free Dictionary › Missle

    missile an object or weapon for throwing or shooting Not to be confused with: missal – a book of prayers or devotions Abused, Confused, & Misused Words by Mary Embree ...

  10. MISSILEMAP by Alex Wellerstein


    MISSILEMAP is designed to make it easy to see the relationship between missile range, accuracy, and warhead size. It is especially developed for assistance in understanding the power of nuclear warheads and long-range missiles.

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