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    H-IIA (H-2A) is an active expendable launch system operated by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.These liquid fuel rockets have been used to launch satellites into geostationary orbit; lunar orbiting spacecraft; Akatsuki, which studied the planet Venus; and the Emirates Mars Mission, which was launched to Mars in July 2020.

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  4. The Mitsubishi F-2 is a multirole fighter derived from the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon, and manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Lockheed Martin for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force, with a 60/40 split in manufacturing between Japan and the United States. The basis of the F-2's design is the F-16 Agile Falcon, an unsuccessful offer by General Dynamics to provide a low-cost alternative for the Advanced Tactical Fighter competition. Production started in 1996 and the first air

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  5. May 11, 2018 · English: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. 日本語: 三菱重工業. 三菱重工 (yue); Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (ms); Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (de-ch); Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (de); Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (en-gb); صنایع سنگین میتسوبیشی (fa); 三菱重工业 (zh); Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (da); Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (tr); 三菱重工業 (zh-hk); Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (sv); מיצובישי תעשיות כבדות (he); 三菱重工業 (zh ...

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    Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi Group ( japanska: 三菱グループ, Mitsubishi Gurūpu) är en japansk industrikoncern och ett av sex stora japanska företagskonglomerat, keiretsu. I Sverige är Mitsubishi troligen mest känt som biltillverkare genom Mitsubishi Motors. Mitsubishi grundades 1870 som en speditionsfirma .

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    Subaru Corporation, formerly known as Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd. from 1953 to 2017, is a Japanese multinational corporation and conglomerate primarily involved in both terrestrial and aerospace transportation manufacturing. It is best known for its line of Subaru automobiles. The company's aerospace division serves as a defense contractor to the Japanese government, manufacturing Boeing and Lockheed Martin helicopters and airplanes under license. This same division is a global development and m

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