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    Improvement suggestions of coverance of Mixtecan languages. This page should be divided, I believe, into two: one for Mixtec languages proper and one for Mixtecan languages. Or else the discussion needs to be tightened up considerably. And the linguistic variation within Mixtec languages proper is not well represented in the current article.

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    All these de­nom­i­na­tions can be trans­lated as 'the land of the rain'. The his­toric home­land of Mix­tec peo­ple is La Mix­teca, called in Mix­tec lan­guage Ñuu Savi, Ñuu Djau, Ñuu Davi, etc., de­pend­ing on the local vari­ant. They call their lan­guage sa'an davi, da'an davi or tu'un savi.

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    The Mixtec language is part of the Otomanguean family of languages, a family found in Mesoamerican that includes Zapotec, another indigenous language found in Oaxaca. Mixtec speakers arrived in Oaxaca, notably the Alta region, during the early Formative period, 1500-750 BCE.

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    Oto-Manguean languages. The Oto-Manguean languages consist of several families: Oto-Pamean; Chinantecan; Tlapanecan; Manguean; Popolocan; Zapotecan; Amuzgoan; Mixtecan; Mixtecan. Kenneth L. Pike - Evangelical, translated into Mixtec language (Oto-Manguean family) Penutian languages Gitxsan. Alfred E. Price's translation of Luke was published in 1899.

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    The Mazahua language is an Oto-Pamean language spoken in the central states of Mexico by the ethnic group that is widely known as the Mazahua but calls itself the Hñatho. It is a Mesoamerican language and has many of the traits of the Mesoamerican Linguistic Area. In 2003, along with some 62 other indigenous languages, it was recognised by a statutory law of Mexico as an official language in the Federal District and the other administrative divisions in which it is spoken, and on an equal ...

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    triq1251. The Triqui ( / ˈtriːki / ), or Trique, lan­guages are a fam­ily of Oto-Manguean spo­ken by the Trique peo­ple of the Mex­i­can states of Oax­aca and the state of Baja Cal­i­for­nia (due to re­cent pop­u­la­tion move­ments). They are also spo­ken by many im­mi­grants to the United States.

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    n., pl. -tecs, ( esp. collectively) -tec. 1. a member of an American Indian people living primarily in N and W Oaxaca in Mexico. 2. the complex of Otomanguean languages spoken by the Mixtecs. [1840–50] Mix•tec′an, adj., n.

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    The Mixtec language belongs to the Otomanguean language group. Catholicism is the official religion, but traditional beliefs have also been preserved. Prior to the arrival of the Spanish conquerors in the early 16th century, the Mixtec had attained a high level of culture. They were famous for working precious metals.

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    Mixtecan languages and Classification of Mixtec languages · See more » Cuicatec language The Cuicatecs are an indigenous group of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, closely related to the Mixtecs.

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