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  2. 10 Modern Thrash Bands You Need to Check Out › beat › 10-modern-thrash-bands-you-need
    • Toxic Holocaust. Arguably the most recognizable band on the list, Toxic Holocaust was formed in 1999 by Joel Grind with the goal of revitalizing thrash in a time that many considered it dead.
    • Lich King. A polarizing entry, Lich King was formed by Tom Martin in 2004 and remains associated with the false start thrash resurgence craze of the late 2000s.
    • Iron Reagan. Formed from an aggregate of bands in 2012, Iron Reagan quickly released Worse Than Dead through A389 Recordings in 2013. Generating near instantaneous buzz, the band cranked out a split with Exhumed, followed by snagging a deal with Relapse Records.
    • Foreseen. Heading overseas, the Helsinki natives formed in 2010 and went straight to work honing a razor sharp fury that culminated in their 2014 debut Helsinki Savagery.
  3. My Top Modern Thrash Metal Bands | Metal Amino › c › metal

    My Top Modern Thrash Metal Bands. Thrashing Stromtrooper08/09/18. 183. 86. Today I decided to share my top modern Thrash metal bands. The bands on this list must have formed within the past 20 years so bands like Venom, Slayer, Exodus etc will not make it in this list. IRON REAGAN. This crossover Thrash band from Richmond Virginia will Thrash your ass off!

  4. List of thrash metal bands - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_thrash_metal_bands

    A new generation of thrash metal bands emerged in the early 2000s, drawing lyrical and visual ...

    Jeff Waters and Dave Padden of ...
    United States
    Anthrax at Wacken Open Air, 20 ...
    Steve "Lips" Kudlow of Anvil a ...
    Artillery, 2010
  5. Top 10 New School Thrash Bands - Noisecreep › top-10-new-school-thrash-bands

    Jul 29, 2009 · Unquestionably the most popular and best band of the thrash renaissance, Municipal Waste has helped influence many of the acts on this list. The Richmond, Va.-based group takes the lighthearted spin bands like Tankard and Wehrmacht favored in the 1980s and mix it with the crossover punch of greats like D.R.I. and Excel , coming up with an intoxicating blend of speed and infectious songwriting.

  6. New Wave Of Thrash Metal - Ranker › list › new-wave-of-thrash-metal

    Jan 11, 2021 · This list includes bands from new wave of thrash metal. Feel free to add another bands which are not here yet and should be, just remember that debut album must be released after 2000 (Only two pre-second wave bands Guillotine and F.K.Ü got that exception). Thrash metal and its subgenres are accepted (crossover thrash, death/thrash, black ...

  7. 10 Greatest Modern Classics Of Thrash Metal › music › 10-greatest-modern

    Apr 20, 2013 · Thrash Metal has been with us for so long now that bands and albums are already classifiable as Classic, Old-School and Modern. After creating a list which counted down the 10 Greatest Thrash ...

    • Christopher Jennings
  8. Top 10 Thrash Bands You Need To Be Listening To Right Now ... › top-10-thrash-bands-you

    There was once a time when thrash was considered some of the most dangerous noise on the planet, and with good reason, considering it used to be championed by bands like SLAYER, SODOM, KREATOR, ANTHRAX, early METALLICA, and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.

  9. 20 Underground THRASH METAL Albums You Missed | 2020 › 2020/11/19 › 20-underground

    Nov 19, 2020 · The way I see this record is the band essentially figuring how they can meet the standards of the biggest thrash bands today without resorting to the usual shit and the answer is a record that relies on fairly technical feats of Testament and Slayer-esque stuff alongside modern death metal influenced flurries of hammered-out riffs. Despite my ...

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