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  1. 2016 United States presidential election - Wikipedia

    The 2016 United States presidential election was the 58th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.The Republican ticket of businessman Donald Trump and Indiana governor Mike Pence defeated the Democratic ticket of former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and U.S. senator from Virginia Tim Kaine.

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  2. Moon Records (Canada) - Wikipedia

    Moon was distributed by London Records of Canada. After the success of Rush, the band was offered a two-record deal with the Polygram Group and signed with Polygram's Mercury Records in 1974. Moon Records folded as a label and transformed in 1974 from an independent record label to a music production company.

  3. 2016 Saskatchewan general election - Wikipedia

    The 2016 Saskatchewan general election, was held on April 4, 2016, to elect members of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.The Lieutenant Governor dissolved the Legislature on March 8, 2016, setting the election date for April 4.

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  4. 2016 United Nations Secretary-General selection - Wikipedia

    A United Nations Secretary-General selection was held in October 2016 to choose the ninth Secretary-General of the United Nations to succeed Ban Ki-moon from 1 January 2017. Six straw polls were held in the Security Council from 21 July 2016 to 5 October 2016.

  5. Elections in Canada - Wikipedia

    Formal elections have occurred in Canada since at least 1792, when both Upper Canada and Lower Canada had their first elections. All Canadian citizens aged 18 or older who currently reside in Canada (or at any point in their life have resided in Canada, regardless of time away) as of the polling day may vote in federal elections. [1]

  6. List of Canadian federal general elections - Wikipedia

    This article provides a summary of results for the general (all seats contested) elections to the House of Commons, the elected lower half of Canada's federal bicameral legislative body, the Parliament of Canada. The number of seats has increased steadily over time, from 180 for the first election to the current total of 338.

  7. 2019 Canadian federal election - Wikipedia

    September 9, 2016: Strength in Democracy, a party which had three incumbent MPs among its 17 candidates in the last election is deregistered by Elections Canada for failure to file papers maintaining its party status.

  8. Election Results 2016 - CNN

    CNN's full results for the 2016 presidential election, state maps and Senate, House and governor races. Plus exit polls and ballot measures.

  9. Joe Lieberman - Wikipedia

    Before the 2016 election, he endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. As Senator, Lieberman introduced and championed the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010 and legislation that led to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security.

  10. 1964 - Wikipedia

    Canada: A Federal Multi-Party Parliamentary Committee selects a design to become the new official Flag of Canada. A 5.3 kiloton nuclear device is detonated at the Tatum Salt Dome, 21 miles (34 km) from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, as part of the Vela Uniform program. This test is the Salmon phase of the Atomic Energy Commission's Project Dribble.

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