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  1. Aug 31, 2019 · Moral Philosophy According to Immanuel Kant. Kantian Ethics in a Nutshell. Getty Images. Table of Contents. A Problem for the Enlightenment. Three Responses to the Enlightenment Problem. The Problem With Utilitarianism. The Good Will. Duty vs. Inclination. Knowing Your Duty. The Ends Principle. Kant’s Concept of Enlightenment. By. Emrys Westacott.

  2. Moral philosophy is the branch of learning that deals with the nature of morality and the theories that are used to arrive at decisions about what one ought to do and why. Much has been written about moral philosophy and the theories that support ethical decisions. One of the best, brief explanations of moral theories is found in Rachels and ...

  3. Apr 17, 2002 · In the normative sense, “morality” refers to a code of conduct that would be accepted by anyone who meets certain intellectual and volitional conditions, almost always including the condition of being rational. That a person meets these conditions is typically expressed by saying that the person counts as a moral agent.

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    Ethics or moral philosophy is the philosophical study of moral phenomena. It investigates normative questions about what people ought to do or which behavior is morally right. It is usually divided into three major fields: normative ethics , applied ethics , and metaethics .

  5. Feb 14, 2024 · The term ethics may refer to the philosophical study of the concepts of moral right and wrong and moral good and bad, to any philosophical theory of what is morally right and wrong or morally good and bad, and to any system or code of moral rules, principles, or values.

  6. Jun 27, 2022 · Moral Theory. First published Mon Jun 27, 2022. There is much disagreement about what, exactly, constitutes a moral theory. Some of that disagreement centers on the issue of demarcating the moral from other areas of practical normativity, such as the ethical and the aesthetic. Some disagreement centers on the issue of what a moral theory’s ...

  7. Apr 3, 2022 · Moral philosophy largely comes in two forms: practical ethics and metaethics. Practical ethics has to do with deciding what is the right course of action in real-life situations. For example, biological ethicists determine how humans or animals should be treated in a scientific study, or how a study involving living things ought to be conducted.

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