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  1. George Sylvester Morris was the first of Dewey’s greatest influences. In 1877, when President Gilman invited Morris to give an annual series of public lectures—and, after a time, courses—at Johns Hopkins, it was because Gilman saw Morris as the leading research-oriented philosopher in America.

  2. (PDF) Disability in the Family John and Alice Dewey Raising ... › 36443372 › Disability_in_the

    Disability in the Family: John and Alice Dewey Raising Their Son, Sabino SCOT DANFORTH Chapman University Background/Context: The current biographic understanding of John Dewey’s experience adopting and raising an Italian boy named Sabino emphasizes the theme of finding an emotional replacement for Morris and Gordon, two young sons who had tragically died on family trips to Europe.

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  4. George Sylvester Morris - Wikipedia › wiki › George_Sylvester_Morris

    Morris was born in Norwich, Vermont. He was the son of a well known abolitionist and temperance man. In 1861, he graduated from Dartmouth College, served in the Union army for two years during the American Civil War, and taught at Dartmouth in 1863–1864.

  5. Guías sobre las obras de Dewey: Jo Ann Boydston, ed., Guide to Works of John Dewey; Boydston y Kathleen Poulos, Checklist of Writtings about John Dewey 1887-1977 (segunda edición, 1978); Robert L. Andresen, John Dewey: A Checklist of Translations 1900-1967 (1969).

  6. (PDF) Quine, Dewey, and the Pragmatist Tradition in American ... › 8181120 › Quine_Dewey_and_the

    Quine, Dewey, and the Pragmatist Tradition in American Philosophy of Science Don Howard Department of Philosophy Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values University of Notre Dame Introduction The standard historiography of American Pragmatism gives leading roles to Charles Saunders Peirce (1839-1914), William James (1842-1910), and John Dewey (1859-1952).

  7. The Education of John Dewey › document › doi

    Jan 23, 2003 · During John Dewey's lifetime (1859-1952), one public opinion poll after another revealed that he was esteemed to be one of the ten most important thinkers in American history. His body of thought, conventionally identified by the shorthand word "Pragmatism," has been the distinctive American philosophy of the last fifty years. His work on education is famous worldwide and is still influential ...

  8. (PDF) The Formative Role of Art: John Dewey’s Art as ... › publication › 320714590_The

    This third volume in the definitive edition of Deweyâ s early work opens with his tribute to George Sylvester Morris, the former teacher who had brought Dewey to the University of Michigan.

  9. Melvil Dewey - Wikipedia › wiki › Melvil_Dewey

    Dewey was born on December 10, 1851, in Adams Center, New York, the fifth and last child of Joel and Eliza Greene Dewey. He attended rural schools and determined early that his destiny was to reform education of the masses.

  10. John A. Roebling, II (1867-1952), Builder of the Red Hill ... › documents › publications

    John A. Roebling, II (1867-1952), Builder of the Red Hill Estate (1929-1941), Lake Placid, Florida A BRIEF BIOGRAPHY and The RED HILL ESTATE Compiled by Fred E. Lohrer, 20061002, revised 20140825, 20170717, Archbold Biological Station, Venus, FL 33960

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