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  1. Aug 16, 2019 · Although van Gogh painted many nocturnal scenes during his lifetime, "The Starry Night" became his most famous. "The Starry Night" has long been the center of artistic and scientific debate. Some mathematicians say that the swirling brushstrokes illustrate turbulent flow, a complex theory of fluid motion.

    • The Starry Night
    • The Potato Eaters
    • Van Gogh Self-Portrait
    • Café Terrace at Night
    • The Yellow House Arles
    • Sunflowers
    • Wheatfield with Crows
    • Irises
    • Starry Night Over The Rhône
    • The Bedroomin Arles

    Van Gogh was admitted to the hospital at Saint-Paul-de-Mausole, near Saint-Remy-de-Provence, for bouts of sadness and insanity. During this time, he painted The Starry Night, a view from his asylum’s east-facing window(or at least his version of the view). Van Gogh is famous not just for his paintings, but also for cutting off his own ear. He would...

    The Potato Eaters is an oil painting that was completed in April 1885 in Nuenen, Netherlands. The painting’s original oil sketch is on display at the Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, and he also created a number of lithographs of the picture. The Potato Eaters is the intentional effort of an enthusiastic young artist to establish himself to the wo...

    In September 1889, Van Gogh painted a self-portrait in oil on canvas. The painting, which may be Van Gogh’s last self-portrait, was completed soon before he departed Saint-Rémy-de-Provence in southern France. In the span of 10 years, Van Gogh created 36 self-portraits making him one of the most prolific famous self-portrait artists. More so than th...

    This painting, named Cafe Terrace at Night, was completed in 1888 and depicted a view of the charming street in the late evening. The street and the café are lit by a pleasant, yellowish light that appears to welcome everyone who knows the famous spot. The piece was one of Van Gogh’s most renowned city-scape paintings. He would subsequently suffer ...

    Van Gogh rented four rooms in a house on Place Lamartine in Arles in May 1888. (southern France). This was a significant departure from the majority of his previous life, in which he had mostly rented in single-room lodgings, often in less-than-desirable neighborhoods. In this painting of the square, the green shutters indicate where he lived. Van ...

    No other artist in history is as well known for his flower paintingsas Vincent Van Gogh. Despite suffering from a slew of mental diseases and ailments, he had an incredible capacity to capture the essence of a flower’s inherent beauty in an innocent and pure way that no artist before or after has been able to equal. Van Gogh is reported to have bee...

    Wheatfield with Crows is an extended canvas painting that displays a dramatic foggy sky packed with crows above a wheat field. Two-thirds of the canvas is taken up by a wind-swept wheat field. The spectator is drawn into the picture by an empty route. Van Gogh is reported to have painted Wheatfield with Crowsin July 1890. Although it is not as comm...

    Some of Vincent Van Gogh’s most well-known works were created in the two years before his sad death. Van Gogh’s paintings during this period were enormously vivid and have been studied by art students ever since for Van Gogh’s remarkable use of clashing hues and unique brushstroke patterns. In 1889, only a year before his death, he created what man...

    Just one year before completing The Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh created another work that is regarded as one of his master pieces. According to art historians, this painting is another masterful Post-Impressionist creation by van Gogh that was completed at a time when he was less affected by his mental illness. This 1888 painting, titled Starry ...

    The Bedroom was Van Gogh’s own title for this work. In his letters to his brother Theo, he describes three accurate accounts. Each of three related paintings by Vincent van Gogh is titled Bedroom in Arles (French: La Chambre à Arles; Dutch: Slaapkamer te Arles). The photos that hang on the wall on the right hand side of each canvas readily differen...

    • Starry Night, 1889. Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night (1889), is one of his most iconic. Leading up to this point, Van Gogh had been suffering from mental health issues, so much so that it led to him cutting off his left ear.
    • Sunflowers, 1889. During his time in Arles, South of France, in the years 1888-89, Van Gogh created five paintings of sunflowers in a vase, using only shades of yellow and a touch of green.
    • Self-Portrait, 1889. Van Gogh painted many self-portraits during the course of his career, no fewer than 35. The one displayed below, painted in 1889, is one of his most famous.
    • The Potato Eaters, 1885. The Potato Eaters (1885) stands at a crucial point in the development of Van Gogh’s style and technique. By depicting a family sharing a simple meal of potatoes, not only did he want to establish himself as a painter of peasant life, but also he challenged his artistic abilities to experiment with light and shadows, experimenting with raking light and the chiaroscuro technique to highlight the features of his subjects.
  2. Dec 23, 2022 · Vincent van Gogh, The Wounded Veteran, c. 1882–83, graphite, brown ink, black ink and wash, and white gouache on textured white wove paper; 18 1/8 × 10 13/16 inches. Harvard Art Museums/Fogg...

    • Sunflowers – The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City and The National Gallery of Art, London. Van Gogh favored an eclectic array of subject matter.
    • The Yellow House – The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. Van Gogh lived in Arles, a commune in the South of France, for fourteen months. During this time, he had hoped to establish a shared studio where he and his contemporaries could paint.
    • Bedroom in Arles – The Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. While living in the “Yellow House,” Van Gogh found ample artistic inspiration in an unlikely source: his bedroom.
    • Café Terrace at Night – Kröller-Müller Museum, Otterlo. Van Gogh completed many of his most celebrated paintings while living in the Yellow House, including two beloved nightscapes: Café Terrace at Night and Starry Night Over the Rhône.
  3. This article contains 25 Most Famous Vincent Van Gogh Paintings. Daubigny’s Garden Contents hide Daubigny’s Garden The Starry Night Irises Café Terrace at Night The Potato Eaters Starry Night Over the Rhône The Yellow House Bedroom in Arles Wheat Field with Cypresses Wheat field with Crows The Night Café Van Gogh self-portrait Almond Blossoms

  4. Mar 16, 2021 · Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam The world’s largest collection of Van Gogh art can – fittingly – be found in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. It is here that art lovers will also find what is considered by many to be the Dutchman’s first masterpiece, The Potato Eaters.

  5. Apr 13, 2022 · Van Gogh was inspired to paint again, and his starry Night over the Rhone captures the magic of a starlit sky. This is one of his most famous paintings and it reveals that he sought refuge from the world’s weight and darkness. The Potato Eaters 1885. A new exhibition of Van Gogh’s The Potato Eater shows how the artist conceived of the painting.

  6. Irises by Vincent Van Gogh Almond Blossoms by Vincent Van Gogh The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh Wheatfield with Crows by Vincent Van Gogh The Church at Auvers by Vincent Van Gogh The Red Vineyard by Vincent Van Gogh Cypresses by Vincent Van Gogh Van Gogh's chair by Vincent Van Gogh View of Arles - Flowering Orchards by Vincent Van Gogh

  7. Mar 8, 2020 · The most famous Van Gogh paintings are today worth tens of millions of dollars. This however is a huge irony. Van Gogh felt a failure throughout his entire life. He sold only one painting & art critcs claimed that his artworks were ‘rubbish’ and that he should consider another vocation! He died penniless.

  8. Vincent Willem van Gogh ( Dutch: [ˈvɪnsɛnt ˈʋɪləm vɑŋ ˈɣɔx] ( listen); [note 1] 30 March 1853 – 29 July 1890) was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who posthumously became one of the most famous and influential figures in Western art history.

  9. Apr 4, 2023 · Driven by his intense passion for painting and enduring periods of melancholy, Van Gogh ultimately rose to become one of the most renowned and influential artists in history. His art can be found in the permanent exhibition of some of the most significant museums which host countless visitors every day.

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