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  1. 1 : greatest in quantity, extent, or degree the most ability 2 : the majority of most people most 2 of 6 adverb (1) 1 : to the greatest or highest degreeoften used with an adjective or adverb to form the superlative the most challenging job he ever had 2 : to a very great degree was most persuasive most 3 of 6 noun : the greatest amount

  2. usage note for most. 11. The adverb most, a shortened form of almost, is far from being either a recent development or an Americanism. It goes back to the 16th century in England, where it is now principally a dialect form. In American English it occurs before such pronouns as all, anyone, anybody, everyone, and everybody; the adjectives all, any, and every; and adverbs like anywhere and everywhere: Most everyone around here is related to everyone else.

  3. used when saying what is the largest possible amount or number: At most, the work will take a week. It should cost around $20, or $30 at the most. make the most of something. B2. to take full advantage of something because it may not last long: It's a beautiful day - we should make the most of it. More examples.

  4. 4 most / ˈ moʊst/ pronoun. Britannica Dictionary definition of MOST. 1. : the largest number of people or things. Some people kept working, but most became discouraged and quit. Some of the chairs were broken but most were in good condition. Most (of the people) who were present voted in favor of the proposal.

  5. most 1 of 4 adverb (1) Definition of most as in extremely to a great degree a most careful driver, especially in bad weather Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance extremely very incredibly highly terribly too that so damn damned far really much especially badly intensely seriously severely particularly full super desperately wildly real such heavily

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  7. adj. best, greatest adv. nearly all; extremely synonyms for most Compare Synonyms better biggest greater highest largest lion's share max maximum ultimate utmost uttermost See also synonyms for: mosts antonyms for most MOST RELEVANT least Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. TRY USING most QUIZ

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