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  1. This is a list of European languages by the number of native speakers in Europe only.

  2. Jun 22, 2021 · We’ll break down the 10 most spoken languages in Europe so you can decide which one is the most practical for your travels. The Most Spoken Languages In Europe. 1. Russian. Perhaps a surprise for many individuals, Russian tops this list as the most spoken language in Europe with roughly 140 million native speakers on the continent! This is ...

  3. Jul 30, 2018 · Many of the most commonly spoken languages in the world originated in Europe. The European Union (EU) recognizes 24 official languages spoken among its member states and more than 60 that are classified as regional or minority languages.

  4. Dec 15, 2022 · This article shows you the most spoken languages in Europe. There are up to 200 different languages spoken on the continent, and we decided to take a look at 34 of the most common ones.

  5. Russian is the most-spoken native language in Europe, and English has the largest number of speakers in total, including some 200 million speakers of English as a second or foreign language. (See English language in Europe.)

  6. Jun 12, 2024 · Tour the top ten most spoken languages in Europe, backed by the freshest data, and ranked by total amount of speakers, native included.

  7. 1. Russian. Russian kicks off our list as THE most spoken language in Europe with 120 million native speakers. This is actually quite interesting, as Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet while most other European languages use the Latin alphabet.

  8. Mar 21, 2015 · Europe is home to 24 official languages, while about 200 languages are used over the continent. The 10 most spoken languages in Europe: Russian, German, French, Turkish, Italian, English, Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, and Dutch.

  9. By clicking any language or country, you can easily explore which languages are most widely spoken in European countries, which countries are most fluent in a language, how language knowledge has changed from one generation to another, and compare mother tongue speakers to foreign language speakers.

  10. Dec 11, 2023 · The Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in Europe. 1. Russian: The Widespread Language Of Eastern Europe. Russian commands the title of the most spoken language in Eastern Europe. With around 140 million native speakers scattered across this region, it holds a significant place in daily communication, business, and culture.

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