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  1. Whitney Portal Campground - Inyo National Forest

    Whitney Portal Campground rests in the shadow of Mt. Whitney, 12 miles west of the town of Lone Pine. Many who visit the campground come with plans to climb to the summit of 14,505-foot Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in California. The trailhead is ½ mile from the campground. The hike to the top of Mt. Whitney requires a permit and planning.

  2. Inyo National Forest - Recreation Passes & Permits

    Camping overnight in the wilderness without a valid wilderness permit or entering or being in the Mount Whitney Zone without a valid wilderness permit. Camping within 100 feet of lakes, streams or trails (terrain permitting), and never less than 50 feet of lakes or streams or within 25 feet of trails.

  3. Pack supported Mount Whitney trip › Sierra Mountain Center

    We spend our first night at the campground at the end of the road. This gives you time to adjust to the 10,000 foot elevation. We estimate that 80% of our unsuccessful attempts fail due to problems with altitude, (and the balance due to weather) and spending a night here before the start of the hiking dramatically improves your chances of attaining the summit of Mt. Whitney.

  4. Mt Whitney Quest

    Apr 18, 2020 · On a multi-day trip, the date listed is the day you plan to enter the John Muir Wilderness (about .9 mile from the trailhead), not the Mount Whitney Zone which starts about a hundred yards up the trail from Lone Pine Lake. Camping at Lone Pine Lake also requires a multi-day permit, hence the difference in boundaries from the single-day permit.

  5. Hiking The Mt. Whitney Trail

    † Campground, lodging, services May 1 through October 31, daily trailhead quotas limit the number of people who may enter the Mount Whitney Zone. † Permits for the quota season may be reserved in advance at † Most reservations are allocated through an on-line lottery.

  6. Top 55 Best Campgrounds in California - Outdoor With J

    Whitney Portal Campground is a significant part of the Whitney Portal Recreation area. From Highway 395 in Lone Pine town, CA, you need to turn west onto Whitney Portal Road and carry on for about 12.5 miles to reach the campground. It lies at the base of Mount Whitney, which is the highest peak in the continental U.S.

  7. Mt. Whitney via the Mountaineers Route › Sierra Mountain Center

    At 14,495 feet Mount Whitney is the high point of the lower forty eight states and the goal of many a mountaineer. The Mount Whitney Trail is the most popular way to ascend and is a long circuitous eleven mile non technical hike up a well graded trail to the summit.

  8. Portal Campground Reservations in Sept | Mt. Whitney Portal ...

    Feb 24, 2009 · Reserve America took over the NPS reservation service and merged it with what you once knew as ReserveUSA under a new contract. It is now called and the reservation window is now 6 months in advance to be consistent with the Park Service. ReserveAmerica also handles the California state park reservations.

  9. Tips for Yosemite Reservations -

    Other “gold strikes” include a permit for the Yosemite Cables on Half Dome or to scale America’s tallest peak outside of Alaska— Mount Whitney in California, or a campsite at Pinecrest Lake, Serrano on Big Bear Lake or Nevada Beach on Lake Tahoe. These places are special because—like gold—they are rare.

  10. Whitney Portal Campground | Mt. Whitney Portal Store Message ...

    May 18, 2020 · I also had two E. sierra campground reservation cancelled by them in this cycle. Top #103775 - 05/01/20 07:23 AM Re: Whitney Portal Campground [ Re: Scott M. ]