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    A 34 pages start-to-finish guide to animation filmmaking. From coming up with story ideas all the way to exporting the final film, this guide will take you through the entire process with complete transparency. A 100% free, no strings attached. Read it now an take action immediately. Download the free ebook.

  2. Jan 03, 2019 · 2019 Animation movies, movie release dates. A complete list of Animation movies in 2019.

  3. Jul 13, 2018 · At this stage, it’s almost impossible for a beginner or even an expert animator to make a full animation movie. Making a full animation movie is a teamwork. Even if you know every part of making an animation movie, it will take years of hard work to be able to make a full movie. And it will probably not come out good like a team effort.

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    The main characters: A ball and a cube. Yes, I have decided that my two main characters would be a ball and a cube. No eyes, no legs or arms. Not only would that make my 3D modeling and rigging process a lot easier but it would also be an amazing challenge as an animator to bring life into such basic shapes. So I have all the rules set up.

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    Timeline of highest-grossing animated films. At least eight animated films have held the record of highest-grossing animated film at different times. Five of these were Disney films and two by Pixar. Shrek 2, made by DreamWorks Animation is the only film on the list not produced by Disney or Pixar.

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