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    • The credit roll order typically starts with the major companies involved.
    • Then go to the “top billing,” those you are contractually obligated to credit before anyone else (usually the stars).
    • After that, the opening credits proceed through a list of the most important contributors to the film, starting from the...
  1. Credits play at the beginning and end of nearly every film. The opening credits inform the audience which studios or production companies were involved in making the film, and they run the names of the major stars in the cast. The end credits, which appear after the final scene of a film, list everyone involved in the production.

  2. Aug 10, 2021 · The opening credits are strictly done decided by the film unions. Some of these unions are the Writers Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild of America, Producers Guild of America, and a few more. However, closing credits are mostly decided upon by the producer or the production company in support of the unions.

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    • Credit Roll Kit for Premiere. The Credit Roll Kit is a must-have for any Premiere Editor. Containing a massive 30 closing credit variations including fade, glitch, rolling, and still, the simple and dynamic title animations are endlessly versatile.
    • New Film Credits. With 10 scene variations and 40 text placeholders, the New Film Credits template is a powerful project to add to your library. Perfect not only for your short and feature films but for Youtube content, Showreels, and Promotional Videos.
    • Film Credits Kit. The Film Credits kits contain over 25 film credits in three categories, roll, still and fade. The beautifully simple animation makes this Final Cut Pro project an excellent asset for any FCP editor, with endless titling options.
    • Paper Rolls Movie Credits. The Paper Rolls Movie Credits template is a fun and dynamically animated credits sequence for Adobe After Effects. The blue ink on paper design gives a feel of school exercise books, perfect for buddy movies, kids content, and coming of age films.
  3. Battle Beyond the Stars/Credits. Beauty and the Beast (1991)/Credits. Beauty and the Beast (2017)/Credits. Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World/Credits. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas/Credits. Beavis and Butt-Head Do America/Credits. Bedknobs and Broomsticks/Credits.

  4. Film Credits Credit your team with style using this ready-to-edit Film Credits video template. Tweak the text and visuals to match your film’s vibes, then add to the start or end of your masterpiece to congratulate a job well done.

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