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  2. Dec 19, 1997 · These shots strike precisely the right note; the ship calls from its grave for its story to be told, and if the story is made of showbiz and hype, smoke and mirrors--well, so was the Titanic. She was “the largest moving work of man in all history,” a character boasts, neatly dismissing the Pyramids and the Great Wall.

  3. User Reviews. Amazing in 1997, 2005, 2015, 2030, 3010 & forever more a Masterpiece! You can watch this movie in 1997, you can watch it again in 2004 or 2009 or you can watch it in 2015 or 2020, and this movie will get you EVERY TIME. Titanic has made itself FOREVER a timeless classic! I just saw it today (2015) and I was crying my eyeballs out JUST like the first time I saw it back in 1998.

  4. Dec 19, 1997 · Nov 2, 2010. Titanic is the movie which really made me respect James Cameron as a film maker. He had made excellent movies before such as Terminator 1 and 2, True Lies, and Aliens, but Titanic is really different. Here he offers excellent and believable characters, stunning visuals and a compelling. Titanic is the movie which really made me respect James Cameron as a film maker.

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  5. Oct 10, 2020 · The Titanic is one of many great examples of what a movie should be. The Titanic is a good representation of what most people look for in a movie. The viewers can vividly feel their pain, happiness, and agony as they watch the plot. The acting of the characters is tremendous.

  6. Jan 01, 2000 · we chortled. It was all going to be a great deal of fun. Only there's a slight problem. James Cameron has gone and delivered a spectacular, moving, utterly engrossing three-and-a-bit hour epic ...

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