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  1. You may also see free outline. Film Review Outline Although there is no right or wrong format in writing a movie review, it is always to best present it in such a way that all the thoughts are neat and organized that will provide the readers a very smooth transition of your review. You may also see topic outline. I. Introduction.

  2. Finish your outline with overall reflections on the movie. Consider giving the movie a grade, such as B+ or C-, or a number of stars (generally out of five). This will help you draw an overall conclusion and summary of the movie when you write the final review. Note Your outline does not need to be in complete sentences or grammatically correct.

    • Samantha Volz
  3. Movie review Outline: 1.) Movie Notes:-No real vegetation-“Plastic and fake”-Bottled air-Air is polluted-- fake fish I fishing pond-Water pollution-Artificial snow-‘brand new parking lot’-People are happy ? / see nothing wrong-Amazed by trees-Fake food = no agriculture-Demonized trees-Grandma knew something about the past ??

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  5. Movie Review Outline I. Intro a. Type of story b. Movie Title c. Screenwriter & Director d. Cinematography Info II. Characters & Setting a. Place b. Time c. Mood III. Conflict & Plot a. Problems that must be solved b. Story Plan IV. Climax & Theme a. Story Turning Point b. Message about life V. Conclusion a. How successful was story? b. Believable?

  6. Checklist / Outline for a Good Movie Review Introduction (title, topic, release date, background information) Accuracy of depiction Use of sources in the documentary Creative elements that enhance or tarnish the overall story (quality of script, visual design, performance, lighting, hair, and makeup, costume, set design, symbolism) Your opinion

  7. Movie Review OutlineTittle: Cars The MovieDirector: John LasseterRelease Date: 26 May 2006Genres: Animated cartoon, Sports, Comedy. Setting: A town in Radiator Spring, Piston Cup Race Court.

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