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  1. Apr 16, 2020 · This movie is a direct descendent of movies like “The Girl Can’t Help It,” except the rockabilly has been swapped for first-wave punk. It’s a very strange movie, playing like vignettes of several genres of movies playing over this overarching plotline, but the soundtrack isn’t exclusive to the Ramones either.

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    Motion Picture Sound Recording In Its Infancy. (excerpt from Mr. Bernds Goes to Hollywood) The State of the Art - 1928 part 1. The State of the Art - 1928 part 2. The State of the Art - 1928 part 5. Documentary and the coming of sound. Article by Bill Nichols discussing the effect of sound on the documentary film.

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    • American Graffiti (1973) Before his whole life and career became all about Star Wars, George Lucas was known around Hollywood as a nerdy cinephile with artsy, experimental inclinations — more of a Kenneth Anger than a Steven Spielberg, in other words.
    • Superfly (1972) Shaft was the groundbreaker for blaxploitation soundtracks, but Superfly is the masterpiece that Curtis Mayfield built atop Isaac Hayes’s foundation.
    • Shaft (1971) Before Isaac Hayes was tapped to write, produce, and perform the soundtrack to the gritty detective picture Shaft, he was already known as one of R&B’s great innovators, thanks to his epic-length, richly orchestrated covers of white artists’ hits.
    • Purple Rain (1984) Prince fictionalized his own rise through the Minneapolis R&B scene for Purple Rain, a movie about an eccentric genius mocked by his peers for his cross-genre hybrid music and erotically charged stage shows.
    • 1992 - 'The Bodyguard' Date released: November 17, 1992. Noteworthy songs: "I Will Always Love you," I'm Every Woman," and "I Have Nothing" The Bodyguard is the best-selling soundtrack of all time with over 45 million copies sold worldwide.
    • 1984 - 'Purple Rain' Date released: June 1984. Noteworthy songs: "When Doves Cry," "Let's Go Crazy" and the title track. This innovative, groundbreaking chart-topping soundtrack, which generated five hit singles, was written, produced, arranged, and performed by Prince and his band, The Revolution.
    • 1995 - 'Waiting To Exhale: Original Soundtrack Album' Date released: November 1995. Noteworthy songs: "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)," by Whitney Houston; "Sittin' Up in My Room," by Brandy; and "Not Gon' Cry," by Mary J. Blige.
    • 1971 - 'Shaft: Music From the Soundtrack' Date released: July 1971. Noteworthy songs: The title track, "Theme from Shaft." This classic soul album consists mainly of instrumentals composed by Isaac Hayes, but also features his vocals on three songs: "Soulsville," "Do Your Thing" and "Theme from Shaft."
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    • 1993 50 Judgment Night is a forgettable film about a drug-related murder, but its soundtrack maintains a deserved infamy thanks to its peculiar but effective pairing of rappers and rock groups.
    • 2000 49 To this day, High Fidelity remains Bruce Springsteen’s only acting credit in a film. Sitting at the bedside of Rob Gordon—the film’s record-collecting hero, played with mopey, proto-Seth Cohen narcissism by John Cusack—a muscled ’90s Bruce rips uncharacteristically bluesy riffs on his guitar and gives questionable advice about getting back in touch with your exes.
    • 1980 48 More than a decade after 2001: A Space Odyssey, director Stanley Kubrick reused a controversial trick. Once again, he scrapped almost all of the score that had been written for his new film, The Shining—this time by synth innovator Wendy Carlos, who had been essential to A Clockwork Orange, and producer/vocalist Rachel Elkind—and used only snatches of their work.
    • 1995 47 The Waiting to Exhale soundtrack, with its signature soul snares and weightless melodies, is still an essential self-care listen. On it, producer-songwriter Babyface assembled an Avengers team of the most powerful and graceful women in R&B, relaying the film’s themes of female empowerment, individuality, and kinship.
  4. Mar 18, 2007 · The 50 greatest film soundtracks. From Psycho to Singing in the Rain, Slade in Flame to Shaft, our star-studded panel of big screen connoisseurs select the greatest soundtracks in cinema's history ...

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