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    • 6 Underground. What happens when you give an action-crazed lunatic like Michael Bay the freedom of budget and running time of Netflix? This chaos, a movie that no one would call great — not even the people who made it — but that does certainly scratch an itch for B-movie insanity with an A-movie budget.
    • *300. Zack Snyder’s 2007 hit really changed the game in terms of action storytelling, influencing the next decade of the genre in ways that still feel underappreciated.
    • Army of the Dead. The divisive Zack Snyder returns to the world of zombie action years after his breakthrough with a remake of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, and the result is a bit of mindless undead fun.
    • Baahubali (The Beginning and The Conclusion) This two-part epic Indian period piece will give you nearly six hours of huge action set-pieces, hand-to-hand combat, gravity defying feats of daring-do, and vibrant musical numbers as it follows the saga of two mighty men at war for a kingdom.
    • 1: The Dark Knight (2008)
    • 2: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)
    • 3: Inception (2010)
    • 4: The Mountain II (2016)
  1. Jan 14, 2022 · We select the absolute best action movies on the streaming service right now, including Akira, Logan, Star Trek, James Bond, Charlie’s Angels, and more. Logan, Red Eye, Charlie’s Angels, and more.

    • Brian Tallerico
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    • Brian Tallerico
    • *300. Zack Snyder’s 2007 hit really changed the game in terms of action storytelling, influencing the next decade of the genre in ways that still feel underappreciated.
    • Aquaman. James Wan directed one of the most playfully enjoyable movies in the DCEU, giving Jason Momoa’s title character his own adventure under the waves.
    • Black Hawk Down. Ridley Scott directed the 2001 Hollywood version of Mark Bowden’s nonfiction book of the same name, which tells the story of a 1993 incident in Mogadishu that became known around the world.
    • Bourne franchise. HBO Max is very good at providing entire franchises for marathons but they’re missing a few pieces of the saga of Jason Bourne, first played by Matt Damon and then by Jeremy Renner (and then by Damon again).
  2. 5 days ago · There may well be over 100 action movies released in 2022, this is not an exhaustive list, but an overview of some of the most exciting items on the menu. American theatrical blockbusters

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    • Army of the Dead (2021) Hot on the heels of a long-in-gestation triumph with Zack Snyder‘s Justice League this spring, the fan-favorite director returns (without studio meddling) with a successor to his first (and arguably best) feature, 2004 remake Dawn of the Dead.
    • Extraction (2020) One of the most popular Netflix movies ever stars Chris Hemsworth as a notorious mercenary tasked with rescuing the kidnapped son of an international crime lord.
    • The Sleepover (2020) Malin Akerman and Joe Manganiello star in this family-friendly Netflix original, about tween siblings who discover their seemingly normal mom is actually a badass in the witness protection program.
    • Project Power (2020) Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in a Netflix original supernatural action thriller about a drug that gives its users temporary superpowers.
  3. 2 days ago · This is chronological list of action films originally released in the 2000s. Some films are of hybrid genres, including horror, comedy, and science fiction films; the list should attempt to document films which are more closely related to action, even if they bend genres.

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